FIFA moving 100 jobs from Switzerland to Miami in anticipation of World Cup

by | Sep 26, 2023

  • FIFA is relocating more than 100 staff members from Zurich, Switzerland, to Miami in preparation for the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
  • The tournament is expected to stimulate the local and state economy, potentially generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.
  • Florida agencies in 2022 allocated $10 million to support Miami’s bid to become a host city for the World Cup.

    FIFA, the global governing body for professional soccer, stated on Tuesday that it is moving more than 100 staff personnel from Zurich, Switzerland to Miami in anticipation of the 2026 World Cup that will take place in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

    As reported by The Associated Press (AP), FIFA leadership informed its legal department and the audit, compliance, and risk management teams that its operation will relocate to Coral Gables. The movement comes just one month after FIFA opened a 60,000-square-foot office near Miami.

    “Being physically closer to our colleagues at FIFA in Miami and the U.S. will increase our collaboration,” an email seen by AP stated.

    Miami, alongside ten other American cities, was selected last year to host matches as part of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Miami’s presence in the global tournament brings an expectation that the event could translate to hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, stimulating both the state economy and regional economy.

    Further, Miami’s existing sporting and hospitality infrastructure positions it for a smooth transition into hosting the world’s largest tournament, eliminating the need to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in preparations, as most host cities will need to do.

    In 2021, Florida agencies allotted $10 million to help Miami emerge as a candidate city following an Enterprise Florida — now known as FloridaCommerce — Board of Directors vote to provide funding.

    “Bringing the FIFA World Cup back to Florida would be an ideal complement to the attractions, amenities, and events already staged in the Sunshine State,” said Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2021.


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