FIU partners with SkillStorm to prepare students for tech workforce

by | Oct 14, 2022

  • Florida International University (FIU) has partnered with Skillstorm to provide students and industry professionals with courses that will certify industry standards 
  • The courses will lead to credentials in AWS, Salesforce, CompTIA, and Pega, among others 
  • The program is designed for individuals to be able to participate in any point of their career or academic studies 

Florida International University (FIU) is partnering with SkillStorm to introduce a series of courses aimed at preparing students for the technology workforce.

Through the partnership, FIU students can now take courses that lead to credentials from the country’s largest IT businesses, including AWS, Salesforce, CompTIA, and Pega.

With the offered credentials, students that utilize the resource will be better acclimated to the growing tech industry in Miami, which has served as a hub for logistics, web3 technology, and software engineering in the past several years.

“As one of Florida’s largest institutions, we have a responsibility to prepare our students to navigate a rapidly evolving and increasingly digital labor market,” said Bridgette Cram, Interim Vice President, Innovative Education Student Success at FIU. “Partnerships like this one, which will draw on SkillStorm’s unique training model and deep relationships with major tech employers, are helping us realize that mission — and fulfill our role as an engine of economic mobility throughout the state.”

The certificates offered are intended for students and professionals at any point in their study or career. Many of FIU’s certification courses will allow students to attend when it is convenient for them while still offering access to one-on-one training from instructors.

“Our work is rooted in the belief that closing skill gaps and creating pathways to economic mobility are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin,” said Joe Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer at SkillStorm. “Together with FIU, we’re enabling more students to learn the skills that lead to success in today’s world of work, and expanding access to economic opportunity for those who stand to gain the most from the promise of higher education.”

The partnership comes just months after the university implemented a 24-week online data science boot camp created and engineered by data scientists at Metis, a leading data science and analytics training provider and part of global educational services provider Kaplan.

The boot camp features a project-based curriculum to help students build a portfolio of real-world work that aims to assist in job acquisition. The curriculum is structured by six four-week-long courses that cover a range of fundamental data science principles.

Courses include Python and Math Fundamentals, Exploratory Data Analysis, Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners, Linear Regression and Data Acquisition, Machine Learning Classification, Natural Language Processing, and Unsupervised Learning.

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