Five bills conservatives should keep an eye on this legislative session

by | Jan 13, 2020

With the 2020 Legislative Session underway tomorrow, Republican officials in the House and Senate will look to continue to pass more conservative policies, and capitalize on their successful 2019 legislative cycle.

From securing the borders, to protecting the life of the unborn child conservative legislators will look to pass measures and proposals that could have huge implications for the state heading into the pivotal 2020 election.

While the session doesn’t officially kick off until Tuesday, let’s take a look at a few bills to keep an eye on heading into 2020.


Opponents, however, believe the bill will be expensive and lead more migrant workers to take jobs in other states.

Though Gruters is only a cosponsor, he has also introduced his own legislation (SB 1822) involving E-Verify. His version, a more watered-down alternative that mirrors a House proposal (HB 1265) submitted by Representative Cord Byrd, would only require government employers to use the system to check the workers’ eligibility.

Private employers would not be required to use E-Verify.

Regardless of which version Republicans stand up behind, Governor Ron DeSantis is certain to gain a victory in the area of illegal immigration this legislative cycle.


Hill has also filed a bill (HB 6003) that would repeal the red flag law.

If passed by the Florida Legislature, the resolution would be put before the voters of Florida for ballot approval. The change would apply to municipalities, counties, school boards, and special districts.


Shoaf’s bill falls in line with efforts made by DeSantis to promote trade professions as an alternative to a college degree.



  1. Bill Snyder

    Trade and technical careers offered in high school and college will help Florida. Thanks for your vision, Representative Shoaf.

  2. HotBaloney

    Why wouldn’t you include HB 1 on this list? Its an anti union bill

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