FL-10 on track to elect the youngest member of Congress

by | Nov 4, 2022

  • Maxwell Alejandro Frost appears set to win election in Florida’s 10th Congressional District
  • The victory would make Frost the youngest Congressman in the nation at just 25 years old 
  • Political analysts heavily favor Frost over Republican Calvin Wimbish
  • FL-10 has been declared a ‘likely D’ district, holding a partisan lean of D+29

Five days out from midterm elections, Florida’s 10th Congressional District is pacing to send Maxwell Alejandro Frost to Washington as the nation’s youngest Congressman.

Frost, a Bernie Sanders-endorsed progressive Democrat, prevailed in a crowded primary of former lawmakers including Sen. Randolph Bracy, Rep. Alan Grayson, and Rep. Corrine Brown.

The field of former lawmakers represented more than three decades of experience as public officials. Bracy emerged as an early favorite but was quickly usurped by Frost’s campaign, which has been nationally commended for its well-organized platform.

Facing Republican Calvin Wimbish on Nov. 8th, political analysts heavily favor Frost. FL-10 has been declared a ‘likely D’ district, holding a partisan lean of D+29. Should he win election next week, Frost will become the first Gen-Z member of Congress.

“Maxwell beat out more seasoned candidates because he isn’t just a politician,” said Natalia Salgado, Director of Federal Affairs for the Working Families Party, who worked alongside Frost’s campaign. “He’s 25-year-old Black, Latino community organizer who has already helped make a difference in the lives of Floridians by helping pass gun control, abortion rights, and voting rights laws. Frost is fighting for a Florida where everyone has what they need to live a good life.”

Frost’s message resonated with big players in the Democratic party, picking up endorsements from the aforementioned Sanders, as well as former Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Ed Markey extended an endorsement to Frost, as well as members of Congress Ro KhannaMondaire Jones, and Jamie Raskin.

Stateside, Florida progressive wing Representatives Anna V. Eskamani and Carlos Guillermo Smith also endorsed Frost.

Frost out-fundraised Wimbish several times over, hauling $2.582 million over the course of his campaign, and possesses $264,836 on hand, according to the most recent campaign finance documents filed on Oct. 19th.

For comparison, Wimbish fundraised $230,000 total across his campaign and holds just under $35,000 on hand just days before the midterm election.

Frost, Wimbish, and two independent candidates — Jason Holic and Usha Jain — are vying for U.S. Senate candidate Val Demings’ Congressional seat, which was relinquished upon her announcement of candidacy.

The voting district, a traditional Democrat stronghold, covers western Orange County, encompassing parts of Orlando.


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