Florida business leaders condemn Capitol violence, pledge unified stance

by | Jan 8, 2021

Business leaders from across Florida issued strongly worded condemnations of the violence that broke out at the nation’s capitol complex this week. Both the Florida Council of 100, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce issued separate releases on the matter.

“Americans have had a proud history of peaceful Presidential transitions—one of the great hallmarks of our democracy. Unfortunately, what we saw from the protests yesterday diminished and tarnished that historic and noble record,” read the opening line of a full page release from the executive leaders of Florida’s prestigious Council of 100.

The Florida Chamber, which began more than 100 years ago as a group of business leaders united against a common economic threat, weighed in with similar sentiment.

“America is at a crossroads. Yesterday’s acts in our nation’s capital are both disappointing and despicable and will make January 6th, 2021 among the lowest days in our nation’s history,” the statement from Chamber  CEO Mark Wilson read. “This can also be the beginning of a reunification of America that is frankly long overdue.”

Wilson and the Chamber also made the case that Americans “cannot solely look solely to D.C. for leadership,” pointing to Florida’s economy as an example for the nation.

The Florida Council of 100 echoed a similar positive outlook in their statement, which was signed by Council Chairman Syd Kitson, Vice Chair Eric Silagy, and Council President Bob Ward.

“For our part, our mission over the last sixty-years has been to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of our citizens by bringing people together. We affirm that the actions yesterday have no part
in our democratic process and ask for all Americans to embrace the peaceful values our forefathers both intended and demonstrated.”

The Florida Council of 100 was formed in 1961 and now consists of representatives from more than 100 companies in Florida, representing more than half a million employees. Their stated mission is to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of all Floridians through the relentless pursuit of better, business-driven public policy.

Read the full Council of 100 statement here.

Read the full Chamber of Commerce statement here.


  1. GD

    Will they back the traitor caucus that voted against certifying the electors next election?
    You know they ones that spewed the lies the election was rigged that this was all about, a coup?
    It is your funding the repub party and their, your lies that brought you this so you might want to look into the mirror whom is to blame.

  2. GD

    So they are not going to support Scott, Rubio, Gatz, other repub congress people that have spread the election rigged lies that lead to this coup attempt by Trump??
    That they would vote for not certifying after the attack shows how corrupt anti constitution they are.

  3. Crystal Burgos

    Why haven’t they condemned the riots across this country for the last 8 months, the targeted, ordered butchery of police officers around the US, the Antifa thugs dressed up in battle armor and wearing masks to prevent facial recognition, the destruction and burning of offices, government buildings, businesses and homes!
    People are claiming the cops treated last weeks protestors differently. They were not wearing masks, they had not vilified and ordered the murder of our security forces. Additionally, when were any of the BLM/Antifa crew shot in the head or assaulted? That is DEFINITELY a different treatment, but it wasn’t a positive one. You have to love how these left-wing “pundits” can twist the truth to make a story that fits their own preconceptions.

    I am disgusted that a Chamber of Commerce group would show such hypocrisy. BLM and Antifa have waged a WAR against Americans for months and you sat silent. Are you pandering to our next President and his co-hort “The Great Mistress”. She must have done something REALLY unique to get her documented boyfriend, Willie Brown, to show her such preferential treatment. I only hope that Biden STAYS healthy!

    Shame on you for your hypocrisy and false actions!

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