Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institution, Florida Blue find success in cancer treatment partnership

by | Aug 12, 2022

  • A partnership between Florida Blue and the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institution has found success in reducing unnecessary complications among cancer patients in Florida 
  • The partnership also works to reduce healthcare costs via means of more efficient and effective treatment
  • A recent analysis reports a reduction in emergency room visits of 22.8 percent and an 18 percent decrease in overall health care spending

A collaboration between Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS)  and Florida Blue, the state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, has found success in collaboration, working to reduce complications among cancer patients as well as lowered associated costs.

Approximately 12,000 Florida Blue members with cancer have received treatment from FCS as part of the initiative in the first four years of the partnership. When compared to other oncology programs, the novel method led to a sizable decrease in overall treatment expenditures.

The fourth year, which saw a reduction in emergency room visits of 22.8 percent compared to the market’s 5.4 percent, and an 18 percent decrease in overall health care spending, has proven to be the most effective. Additional benchmarks in clinical stage measures and care quality were also surpassed by FCS.

“At Florida Blue, we are dedicated to providing our members with access to affordable, high-quality health care solutions. That’s only possible through collaboration with health care leaders like Florida Cancer Specialists that share our commitment to finding innovative ways to provide comprehensive care to our members while improving health care costs,” said Phil Lee, Florida Blue Vice President.

According to a recent analysis of the partnership, Florida Blue members treated by FCS for some of the more prevalent cancers, including as breast, colorectal, lung, lymphatic, and leukemia, had fewer ER visits and needless hospitalizations, as well as lower total health care costs for treatment.

“Florida Blue has been a great partner in steering value-based care initiatives at FCS. This truly has been a collaborative effort for both parties, one where we have been able to evaluate the program’s progress with deliberate checkpoints throughout and make the necessary modifications to ensure benefits are recognized for the payer, practice, and most importantly, beneficiary,” remarked FCS Senior Director TR Strickland.

Through practice, the partnership has found that better outpatient symptom management, which addresses therapy sooner in the outpatient environment before symptoms become severe helps minimize hospital admissions and readmissions.

To achieve this, FCS has enhanced patients’ experience by providing comprehensive care management that personally supports patients through their cancer journey, personalized education, and always-available support to help patients better manage side effects and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

FCS Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker said, “Our ultimate goal as a leading provider of oncology care and a trend-setter in value-based reimbursement is to continue to achieve and exceed quality measures to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes for patients. We are consistently demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.”


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