Florida Chamber names Tommy Gregory “Most Valuable Legislator” of 2023; issues report card on all 159 lawmakers

by | Jun 12, 2023

  • The Florida Chamber of Commerce has released its 2023 Legislative Report Card, evaluating the voting records of 159 state legislators during the recent legislative session.
  • The assessment considered passed legislation, failed bills, and pending tasks for lawmakers.
  • State Representative Tommy Gregory was recognized as the Most Valuable Legislator for his instrumental role in reforming Florida’s civil justice system and reducing lawsuit abuse. 
  • The report praised a number of officials and legislators for prioritizing private sector job growth and economic diversification.
  • 22 lawmakers received the Distinguished Advocate Award for their tireless support of the business community’s legislative priorities and Chamber-backed policies.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce has released its 2023 Legislative Report Card, detailing how 159 state legislators voted during the recent legislative session. The business group says its comprehensive evaluation assessed legislation passed, those bills that did not gain approval, and unfinished tasks for lawmakers.

The report also recognized State Representative Tommy Gregory as the Most Valuable Legislator of 2023 for his significant role in overhauling Florida’s civil justice system and enhancing competitiveness via substantial lawsuit abuse reforms. As the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Gregory’s determination was instrumental in the passing of HB 837, a transformative lawsuit abuse reform package designed to uplift Florida’s legal climate.

“Florida welcomes $4.48M per hour, and a unified business community is how we will keep Florida’s economy growing and competitive,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson. “I want to thank Governor Ron DeSantis, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, Speaker Paul Renner and the pro-jobs legislators who continued to put Florida’s business climate first by prioritizing the growth of private sector jobs and diversifying our economy.”

The report also awarded 22 legislators the 2023 Distinguished Advocate Award, a recognition bestowed upon lawmakers who were tireless in their advocacy for the business community’s legislative priorities and the passage of Chamber-backed policies or critical pro-jobs legislation.

The Chamber’s grading process was transparent, informed by the votes cast on the Florida Business Agenda’s priority items. The grading reflected legislators’ commitment to Florida’s competitiveness and support for free enterprise over protectionist policies. Overall, the legislators received an average grade of 82%, with the Senate performing marginally better than the House with an average of 85% compared to 82%.

Legislators who received high grades were those who focused on key competitiveness issues such as ending Florida’s “Judicial Hellhole” standing and improving Florida’s lawsuit abuse climate, affordable workforce housing, workforce development, transportation innovation, rural economic development, fiscal cliff reform, universal school choice, and paycheck protection.

The grading process’s details and a complete list of the grades received by each of the 159 legislators can be found on the Florida Chamber’s website.


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