Florida Dems launch ad campaign questioning the loyalties of Ron DeSantis

by | Sep 7, 2018

It didn’t take long for Florida Democrats to lash out at Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis with an attack ad.

The Florida Democratic Party is out with a new digital ad (see below) questioning DeSantis’ loyalties in his defense of President Donald Trump involving the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation. The ad is called “Russian Ron.”

The ad starts with a video of DeSantis appearing  on Fox News saying “collusion is not a crime.” The video dissolves to a picture of Trump fading to an image of DeSantis. The entire time case files with the names of those who have been indicted by the Mueller probe appear on the screen, with DeSantis’ words “collusion is not a crime” being repeated. The spot ends with a picture of DeSantis with the words: “Reject Russian Ron.”

In a news release unveiling the ad, Democrats say they are attempting to hold “Ron DeSantis accountable for his unhinged defense of Donald Trump, the most corrupt and ethically challenged president in American history.”

“Ron DeSantis is one of the chief defenders of the most corrupt President in American history,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.DeSantis has spent the past two years demonizing law enforcement and furiously defending the Trump campaign’s potentially criminal contacts with the Russian government.

“Instead of serving his constituents, DeSantis has appeared nearly constantly on television to try and explain away the President’s latest legal challenges,” Donohoe adds. “DeSantis acts more like he wants to Donald Trump’s lawyer than the next governor of Florida.”

DeSantis has been a long-time ally of the president. His support resulted in a December post on Twitter by the president suggesting DeSantis would make a good governor for Florida. Within a few weeks, DeSantis announced his candidacy.

In June, Trump rewarded DeSantis with an endorsement propelling him into the lead in the Republican primary contest and later held a rally with DeSantis in Tampa further securing his bid for the nomination.


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