Florida gas prices soar to all-time high, expected to worsen in coming weeks

by | May 16, 2022


Gas prices eclipsed an all-time statewide high on Monday, averaging $4.49 per gallon. The average Floridian driver with a 14-gallon fuel tank would need to spend nearly 63 dollars to completely refuel.

Prior to this year, the record high was $4.08 per gallon, adjusting for inflation, and was set in 2008. The state average is now $1.60 per gallon higher than today’s date in 2021

“Drivers are dealing with unprecedented pain at the pump and things could soon get worse before they get better,” said AAA Spokesperson Mark Jenkins. “We saw more big gains in the gasoline futures market late last week, which could trickle down to yet another 10-20 cent jump at the pump in the near future.”

Florida’s current prices show a nearly 30-cent jump in some regions of the state compared to last week.

South Florida is hit particularly hard, with Palm Beach County as home the highest costs at $4.63 per gallon. Monroe ($4.60 per gallon) and Miami-Dade ($4.52 per gallon) Counties following close behind.

“Unfortunately, $4 gasoline is likely to be that unwelcome passenger on most Florida summer road trips,” Jenkins continued. “At this point, the state average is not expected to exceed $5 a gallon. However, the fuel market is extremely unstable and things are changing by the day. Either way, drivers should expect gas prices to keep fluctuating throughout the summer and potentially the rest of the year.”

Drivers in Escambia County will find the state’s cheapest gas, with an average of $4.26 per gallon.

Gov. Ron DeSantis last week signed a tax break, largely originating from the rapidly rising cost of fuel. While the governor initially sought to put forth a one-year gas tax into place, the state Legislature ultimately agreed to a one-month window.

“There are certain things when you have inflation that you can dial back,” said DeSantis. “You can’t really just not get around to your job. You have to fill up your gas tank. This is particularly for people who need to fill up for work. We have to make a difference.”

The Legislature ultimately decided to enact the gas tax holiday for October of this year, citing the fact that it would most directly benefit Floridians as October is the month with the fewest out-of-state visitors.


  1. Chris b

    Whatever happened to “states rights”? Destantis, make those gas prices lower! If you can’t flex your muscle, we’ll get somebody who can.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think our governor can fix what Biden broke,

  2. Anonymous

    Why would anyone think any politician would purposely raise gas prices??? Biden is not responsible for gas prices. On the other hand, FL legislators could have made the tax holiday start now rather than just scoring points politically with a promise of some future relief. Another example of poor or non-existent leadership.

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