Florida GOP Chairman trolls host state Ohio at RNC

by | Jul 20, 2016

Tuesday evening at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Blaise Ingoglia had a little fun at the expense of the convention’s host state during his remarks casting Florida’s 99 delegates during the nomination process for presidential nominee Donald Trump.

As is traditional for the introductory comments made by each state before casting their votes, Ingoglia touted some of Florida’s best features.

“I am proud to lead this delegation of the Sunshine State,” he began, “home to Disney World, the Daytona 500, and the stunning Florida Keys.”


Ingoglia continued, praising Florida’s lack of a state income tax to cheers from his state’s Republican delegates gathered behind him, the “over 600 miles of pristine beaches,” and its status as the “home to over 1.5 million veterans.”

“Florida is the paradise where you vacation, but we all live,” he bragged, borrowing a popular line used to promote Florida tourism.

Then, grinning, Ingoglia dropped this zinger: “We are the state that gave LeBron James his first two championships!” as the crowd laughed.

James, an Ohio native, was selected as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2010, he left Cleveland for the Miami Heat, a move that outraged Ohioans. After his decision was broadcast in a much-publicized ESPN special, some Cavs fans even burned their LeBron jerseys.

With the Heat, James won back-to-back NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. He would return to the Cavaliers in 2014, winning an NBA title there earlier this year. The Cavaliers play in the Quicken Loans Arena, the same location as this week’s Republican convention.

Trump was the victor in Florida’s winner-take-all presidential primary on March 15, awarding him 99 delegates. Tuesday evening, he was officially declared the Republican presidential nominee.

Photo credit: Blaise Ingoglia via Facebook.

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