Florida International University emerges as the fastest-rising school in university rankings

by | Sep 12, 2022

  • Florida International University ranked 72nd among all public colleges and universities nationwide, marking a rise of 62 spots in the ranking across the past decade, making it the fastest-rising school in America 
  • The rise has been fueled by new initiatives placing focus on research, academics, and collaborative partnerships
  • In recent years, FIU has partnered with business leaders across a variety of industries including HCA Florida Healthcare and Florida Power & Light, leading to an increase in state funding 

Florida International University (FIU) on Monday placed 72nd in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-23 ranking of public colleges and universities. FIU’s spot in the ranking marks a jump of 62 spots since 2012, qualifying it as the fastest-rising public university in America.

The meteoric surge comes after a new focus on research and collaboration was put into effect. FIU has been a trailblazer in forming collaborative partnerships with South Florida industry leaders including HCA Florida Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic Florida, and Florida Power & Light.

FIU’s work with Cleveland Clinic Florida resulted in former state Senator Anitere Flores and current state Representative Bryan Avila, chair of the House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee, advocating for the school to receive a further $2 million in state appropriations.

“There is no doubt that FIU has come of age. Our university is a major force in the State of Florida and a leader in research at the national level,” said FIU Interim President Kenneth A. Jessell. “None of it would be possible without the passion and hard work of our dedicated faculty and staff, our alumni, and our students. Together, we embody what it means to be a successful 21st century university.”

FIU is finding additional success in a series of separate national rankings. Degree Choices has ranked FIU at 23rd among universities nationally for the economic return on graduates’ investment. Esteemed institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, and MIT ranked alongside FIU.

Additionally, Washington Monthly College Rankings ranked FIU 32nd nationally and first in Florida for its contribution to national production. In the analysis, FIU placed 13th in the social mobility metric, higher than all other state universities.

“By focusing on academics, research, and student success, we are elevating our community and the state and creating an extraordinary return on investment for our students,” Jessell said.

In a recent global ranking that analyzes the rate at which higher education institutions develop and create patented technology, FIU ranked 42nd, producing 62 patents in 2021.

In addition, FIU is among the Top 50 best-value public universities and the top 15 most innovative public universities. This year, FIU was recognized for excellence in undergraduate teaching, leading to several university programs achieving high ranks alongside the nation’s best.

FIU’s International Business program held onto the second spot nationally while its computer science and undergraduate engineering moved up four and nine spots, respectively, among public universities.

In the years following breakthrough research and academic successes, FIU’s enrollment has surged to an excess of 56,000 students, positioning it as one of the largest schools in the country.

Among the South Florida community, students are lauding the university’s efforts and initiatives that promote student success.

“Something that I have experienced at FIU that I have never had at other academic institutions is just how many resources are available to students and how invested the professors are. The university does an incredible job of giving us students every opportunity to succeed,” said Cali Urrutia, a graduate student at FIU.

Statewide, public colleges and universities experienced a jump in the U.S. News rankings. The University of Florida maintained its spot in fifth place, making it the highest-ranked school in Florida. Florida State University, another quickly rising school, placed 19th, while the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida held the 42nd and 64th spots, respectively.



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