Florida Republicans praise State of the Union, Democrats rip Trump

by | Feb 5, 2020

President Donald Trump may have had his finest moment as leader of the United States on Tuesday night when he delivered one of the most talked-about State of the Union addresses in recent memory.

The annual speech — the third of Trump’s presidency — had a little bit of everything for every American, perfectly highlighting GOP accomplishments while capturing the country’s spirit, resolve, and determination during his tenure.

Speaking in the same House chamber where he was impeached months ago, Trump eschewed any mention of the failed coup, staying on topic and laying out a conservative agenda ahead of the 2020 elections.

Trump also delivered must-see TV moments, including reuniting a soldier with his family, awarding a nine-year-old girl with a scholarship, and presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to long-time conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

While the address captivated many, there were many detractors — including those in attendance — who refused to cheer the progress made in America. Here are some of the biggest reactions from Florida lawmakers.

But not every official in Florida thought highly of Trump’s address. Many in the Sunshine State believed the president did little to nothing to address key issues, with the majority condemning Trump for “pandering to his base.”

Some on the political left even praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her childish antics.

Following the speech, Pelosi visibly ripped up a draft of Trump’s speech. When asked why she did it, Pelosi had an interesting response.

“It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative,” she said as she exited the chamber.

The disgusting act did not go over well with Florida Senator Rick Scott.


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