Florida Republicans predict big night for Trump ahead of exit polls

by | Nov 3, 2020

2020 Election Day is here, and Floridians are making their voices heard at a historic rate.

On Tuesday, Florida became the latest state to surpass 2016 voter turnout, with nearly 11 million ballots being cast. 2020’s turnout is on pace to shatter last election’s turnout (9.4 million) as both Republicans and Democrats are experiencing a surge at the polls.

Democrats held a slim early voting advantage in Florida, but Republicans are chipping away at that lead, and are currently ahead — with 4,210,984 Republicans casting ballots compared to 4,007,451 cast by Democrats (as of 5:30 PM). Unaffiliated and other voters currently account for 2,559,542 votes.

While these vote totals continue to climb, it’s still too early to say that Trump will retain the all-important Sunshine State.

Still, Republicans around the state are energized by the early numbers, with many predicting a “red wave” to sweep across the state before the end of the night. Here are some early predictions from GOP officials in Florida:

Joe Gruters

Prediction: Trump wins Florida (by 1-1.5 points)

“We crushed the Democrats on the ground, we crushed them in voter registration, and we will crush them in turnout,” Gruters said. “This race was always about turnout.”



Anthony Sabatini

Prediction: Trump wins election (289-249) and Florida (by 100,000 votes)

“Same exact map as 2016, except Michigan might go blue,” Sabatini said.




Bob Rommel

Prediction: Trump wins Florida/No change to state legislature

“There are over 1000 people a-day moving to Florida from states that have high taxes, poor policies, and erode civil liberties,” Rommel said. “Florida will deliver President Trump and hold a majority in the House and Senate. Elections should not be about personalities, but policies. I hope Floridians and all Americans in other states understand that our God given liberties are on the line this election.”


Mike Beltran

Prediction: Trump wins election (by 30 EV)/No change in either House (federal or state legislature)

“What I hear on NBC and the MSM polls is different than (1) betting lines where people put their money where their mouth is, (2) what I see on the ground in Florida, and (3) common sense,” Beltran said. “The people make good decisions in elections and jury trials in my experience. Notwithstanding registration numbers, campaign finance, and the economy, per Napoleon ‘the moral to the physical is as three is to one.'”


Evan Power

Prediction: Trump wins Florida

““I just think we have more voters on the table than Democrats did in 2016 and I think that’s thanks to the Governor investing in registering voters and putting us in a position where we’re able to turnout our voters and Democrats have already turned out their voters,” said Power.


Check back for more predictions as they come in.


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