Florida sees silicon surge as Micross powers up massive semiconductor plant in Apopka

by | Mar 27, 2023

  • A new 85,000 square foot semiconductor manufacturing facility opened in Apopka, Florida, highlighting the US’s focus on self-sufficient semiconductor production.
  • The facility, owned by Micross Components, will support critical industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, energy, and transportation.
  • The US semiconductor industry has seen a wave of new investment and mergers as the industry reacts to crucial shortages caused by the pandemic.

In another sign that the United States is taking the Chinese threat to the world semiconductor and microchip industry seriously, Florida is now home to one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. Last week, Micross Components, Inc. a leading provider of high-reliability microelectronic products and services, celebrated the grand opening of its 85,000 square foot state-of-the-art flagship semiconductor and specialty electronics manufacturing facility in Apopka.

The facility underscores the importance of a self-sufficient semiconductor industry in the US, particularly in light of recent global supply chain disruptions and microchip shortages. Vincent Buffa, Chairman and CEO of Micross, emphasized the company’s commitment to onshore semiconductor manufacturing during the event.

“Micross’ investment in Florida reinforces our commitment in expanding world-class semiconductor manufacturing capabilities onshore,” Buffa said. “The products and services Micross provide enable all of the industries critical to our national interests.”

Semiconductors are play a vital role in various sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical, energy, transportation, and consumer electronics, and a renewed sense of urgency in both the U.S. government and within the industry as a whole has resulted in significant investments, new facilities and a number of mergers in the last year. Intel, for example, recently broke ground on a massive facility in Ohio, and several other competitors have announced multi-billion dollar investments in the industry.

Micross isn’t sitting still either. In addition to the new facility in Central Florida, the New York-based company has made several strategic acquisitions to bolster its position in the semiconductor industry, including the acquisition of a high-reliability component manufacturing line from Infineon Technologies, and a manufacturer of specialty high-reliability RF and microwave technologies. The recent acquisitions, along with Micross’ new Apopka facility, position Micross as a highly specialized supplier within the US electronics supply chain supporting the nation’s goal of achieving self-sufficiency in the semiconductor sector.

“We’ve spent the past 2 decades building up the semiconductor and specialty electronics ecosystem we have today,” said Micross Vice President Jeremy Adams, “enabling Micross to provide what otherwise would require many other specialty electronics providers.”

Dignitaries at the grand opening included acting Secretary of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, Meredith Ivey and representatives from both US Senator Marco Rubio’s office and US Congressman Darren Soto’s office.


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