Florida Senate President tests positive for COVID-19

by | Dec 14, 2020

Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson tested positive for coronavirus last night during a routine testing in advance of today’s Electoral College meeting. He was unable to vote during the meeting but was replaced by Senator Jeff Brandes, District 24, for the electoral vote. No other electors tested positive.

In a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis, Simpson said, “As a result of the positive test, is is with great regret I inform you I will not be able to attend today’s meeting of the Florida Presidential Electors. It was a great honor to be selected to serve our state in this historic capacity.”

Simpson was selected as one of the 29 electors who will cast the state’s votes for President and Vice President this afternoon.

His office announced his positive test this morning and cancelled his holiday media availability scheduled for tomorrow.

Katherine Betta, Simpson’s Deputy Chief of Staff,  said Simpson is experiencing “mild symptoms, which he compared to allergies or a light head cold.”

She said, “When I spoke with him this morning, he said that overall he was feeling OK, but just very disappointed about having to miss the electoral college meeting.”

There is no word on how long his schedule will be affected.


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