Florida Sends Reinforcements to Help With Flood Relief Efforts in Texas

by | Aug 28, 2017


Florida is sending more crews to Texas to help deal with the problems caused by the severe flooding that has resulted from the heavy rains dumped on that state by Hurricane Harvey.

“This weekend, we sent important disaster response support to Texas and following their request for further assistance, I am immediately deploying additional FWC officers and resources,” said Gov. Rick Scott.

Thirty-seven state Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers and 21 boats are headed to Houston to support ongoing response efforts. More than 60 other officers and nearly 20 boats are being staged and will deploy today.

They will join 25 other FWC officers, 17 high water vehicles, two Mobile Command Centers, eight shallow draft vessels and four patrol boats that arrived in Houston after being deployed Saturday night.  

“Hurricane Harvey was the largest storm to impact Texas in more than fifty years and it is crucial that we continue to work together to help our fellow Gulf Coast state during their time of need,” Scott said Monday morning after a phone conversation with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “I was glad to speak with Governor Abbott this morning to let him know Florida is sending more resources and we stand ready to offer Texas our continued support. We will keep Texas families in our thoughts and prayers.”

Emergency workers and private citizens have been working side-by-side rescuing people stranded in their homes and elsewhere by the historic flooding.

The storm has brought unprecedented amounts of rainfall along the Texas coast. Parts of the area have received more than 30 inches of rain with more forecast over the next several days.

Forecasters are predicting as much as 50 inches of rain in parts of Texas by the end of the week.

Flooding from the storm is expected to force more than 30,000 residents into shelters.

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  1. Jeanette Damms

    So proud of our Governor and FWC officers,thank you all for your service!

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