Florida Suspends all Tolls and Animal Transport Requirements in Advance of Hurricane Irma

by | Sep 5, 2017

Florida continues to take precautionary measures in preparation for the possible effects that Hurricane Irma could have on the state. The state is waiving normal operating procedures to make it easier to move people and animals out of potentially impacted areas.

Gov. Rick Scott suspended all tolls across the state to make it easier for residents and visitors to leave areas that could be affected by the storm.

“In preparation for the potential impacts of Hurricane Irma, I have directed the Florida Department of Transportation to suspend all tolls across the State of Florida to keep traffic flowing,” Scott said in a release sent out Tuesday afternoon. “They will be suspended for the duration of the storm’s impacts to Florida. Ensuring the safety of Florida families and visitors is our top priority and suspending tolls statewide will help people quickly evacuate and make it easier for all Floridians to access important hurricane supplies to ensure they are fully prepared.”

Scott says the Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol are ready to provide traffic assistance along the state’s highways.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has suspended intrastate movement requirements for the transportation of animals from areas that might be impacted by Hurricane Irma.

“By suspending the intrastate movement requirements for the transportation of animals, we can ensure that Floridians and visitors can quickly and safely move their pets and livestock out of harm’s way,” stated Putnam.

Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi have also waived their interstate import requirements for Florida pets and livestock.

The Florida Department of Agriculture provides food and water to affected areas and helps protect animals and pets during times of an emergency.

“We are continuing to closely monitor the developments of Hurricane Irma and will continue to take aggressive action to keep our state safe,” added Gov. Scott.



  1. Amanda Noble

    I’m glad they took this preventive measure.

  2. Sarah Rachels

    That bridge looks a bit insane. Did it hold up to hurricane irma?

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