Florida’s overall crime volume down, violent crime up in 2020

by | Jun 21, 2021

Despite Florida’s overall crime rate continuing to drop, the Sunshine State saw violent crime rise in 2020, according to an annual report conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

The FDLE’s 2020 Annual Uniform Crime Report found that crime was down across Florida for the 50th straight year. The report shows Florida’s total crime volume dropped 14.1 percent, or 76,523 fewer reported index crimes, compared to 2019. With the pandemic forcing many to stay indoors, index crimes like rape, robbery, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft crimes saw a decrease in 2020. The number of reported rapes dropped from 8,439 in 2019 to 7,650 in 2020, or a decrease of 9.3 percent. Additionally, there were 13,439 robberies, a 17 percent decline from 2019; 51,928 burglaries, down 17.8 percent; and 291,923 larcenies, a decrease of 18.5 percent. Property crimes also dropped by 17 percent, or 78,373 crimes.

Factoring in the state’s overall population, all crime was down 15.7 percent in 2020.

But it’s not all good news for Florida. Violent crime ticked up last year by 2.3 percent, or 1,850 crimes. Most notably, murders increased by 260, or 14.7 percent from 2019. Close to 80 percent, or 1,025, of the 1,285 murders in 2020 were committed with a gun. That number is up 20.2 percent from the year before. Aggravated assaults also saw an increase, up 9.5 percent from 55,333 in 2019 to 60,567 last year.

Leon County’s crime rate dropped 20.4 percent during the pandemic, while Duval County, with 14.5 murders per 100,000 population, remained the murder capital of Florida in 2020.

The 2020 Annual Uniform Crime Report, including county-by-county breakdowns, can be found on FDLE’s website.


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