Former maverick in the state Legislature chosen as running mate for Reform Party

by | Aug 30, 2018

A familiar face from the Florida Legislature is marking a return to state politics as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

Former state legislator and chairwoman of the state Public Service Commission, Nancy Argenziano, has been selected the running mate on the Reform Party ticket. The party’s gubernatorial nominee, Darcy Richardson, filed the paperwork with the the Division of Elections Thursday morning.

“Given the state of our democracy, is there any question we need to make major reforms? I am certain Darcy is up to the task,” said Argenziano. “When Darcy asked me if I wouldn’t mind getting back in the trenches, given the state of America and Florida in particular, I said yes — of course!”

Argenziano, who had a reputation of being a maverick in the state House and Senate, said she draws inspiration from the legacy of John McCain. She was known for her independence as a lawmaker who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

She was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1996 and served there until her election to the Florida Senate in 2002. In 2007, Gov. Charlie Crist appointed her to a seat on PSC. She was elected to chair the commission in 2009.

“Nancy’s record speaks for itself, she has been a champion for Florida consumers and is going to be an incredible asset for our campaign,” said Richardson. “Cleaning up the corruption in Tallahassee is no small job. As our next Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Argenziano will be the special interests’ worst nightmare.”

“We have learned that the two‐party system just doesn’t work for most average Floridians anymore,” said Joseph Wendt, Chairman of the Reform Party of Florida. “Voters are tired of politicians that line their own pockets with lobbyist dollars. They are tired of candidates from the extreme right and the extreme left. The Richardson/Argenziano ticket represents a genuine opportunity for Florida voters to take back their state government.”

Richardson is an author, historian and former Democratic presidential candidate. His early political experience included serving as the national campaign manager of Senator Eugene McCarthy’s 1988 presidential bid. He has more than 15 years of experience working in the financial services industry.


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