Fox News poll shows strong voter support for marijuana and abortion amendments

by | Jun 7, 2024

A Fox News poll indicates strong support among Florida voters for ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana and establish abortion rights, with both likely to pass in November and influence the November General Election.

A Fox News poll published on Thursday shows strong support for two major ballot initiatives in Florida, indicating both are likely to pass in November.

The poll indicates 66 percent of voters support Amendment 3, which would legalize marijuana for adults aged 21 and older, while 32 percent oppose it. Support spans across political affiliations, with 76 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents, and 57 percent of Republicans in favor.

Amendment 4, aimed at establishing the right to an abortion up until fetal viability, has even stronger backing, according to the poll, with 69 percent of voters support this measure. 27 percent oppose it. The amendment was found to have 90 percent support from Democrats, 70 percent from independents, and a more divided response from Republicans, with 50 percent in favor and 45 percent against.

The initiatives also appear to influence voter preferences in the presidential race. Supporters of marijuana legalization favor President Joe Biden by a 9-point margin, while opponents favor former President Donald Trump by 35 points. Similarly, those who support abortion rights favor Biden by 23 points, while opponents favor Trump by 69 points.

“Given the strong support for these measures, they could drive favorable turnout for Democrats, despite the current Republican advantage in voter registration [in Florida],” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

The poll also found that economic concerns remain significant for Florida voters, with 45 percent saying they are falling behind financially. Voters who feel they are doing well financially tend to support Biden, while those who feel they are falling behind favor Trump.

The survey also addressed voter attitudes toward Trump’s recent conviction in the New York hush-money case. Approximately 64 percent of Floridians said the conviction would not impact their vote, with half saying it would not matter at all.

“About 14 percent of the electorate is truly independent, and about one-quarter of them say Trump’s conviction will matter ‘a great deal’ for their vote,” said Shaw.

In a direct matchup, Trump leads Biden by 4 points. However, in a hypothetical five-way race, Trump’s lead extends to 7 points, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein drawing modest support.

Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a 52 percent approval rating, down from previous years.


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