From food to new TV’s, Floridians plan to spend big on Super Bowl

by | Jan 30, 2018

None of Florida’s NFL teams has anything at stake in Sunday’s Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean Floridians won’t. As is custom, the average Florida family will still partake in the festivities surrounding the big game.

According to the Florida Retail Federation, the average Florida family will spend $81.17 enjoying this year’s Super Bowl. That’s an increase of 8.5 percent over a year ago.

If you’re younger, you’re more likely to spend more for the Super Bowl. The Retail Federation says those in the age range of 25-34 will spend $118.50.

“The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the football season, and Floridians are as passionate about the sport as any state in the nation, so we expect Florida to lead the way in consumer spending,” said R. Scott Shalley, president and CEO of the FRF.

Nationally, Americans are expected to spend $15.3 billion watching the Super Bowl matchup  between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. The National Retail Federation estimates that three of every four families will watch the match-up Sunday evening. Eighty-two percent of those who will tune-in plan to buy food and beverages to watch the big game.

“The Super Bowl is also that one event a year where everyone, football fan or not, will tune in and watch, whether for the game or the commercials, and this bodes well for our retail members who will be well-stocked on apparel, food, decorations and everything else consumers may need to host or attend a great party,” Shalley added.

In addition to the food and beverages, Americans will spend money on apparel, decorations and new television sets to watch the big game. Eleven percent of fans plan to buy team apparel. That’s the same as last year when the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Eight percent of Americans planning to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday will buy decorations. The same percentage of Americans watching the game will buy new televisions.



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