Game of Pols: The Veto Pen is Mightier than the Sword

by | Jun 17, 2020

In recognition of the difficult task that lies ahead for Governor Ron DeSantis as he must choose which budget items will fall prey to his veto pen, The Capitolist presents another edition of Game of Pols…












  1. Harold Finch

    That is hilarious!! Great work Brian!!!

  2. jerry dycus

    Yes repubs rather kill off old people who have noticed both the incompetent idiot and increasingly DeSantis.
    He keeps this up Florida may go dem and unlikely DeSantis will even win the repub primary as the virus gets much worse thanks to both.
    And unlikely now Trump will win Florida as even repubs are making attack ads against him and he is a walking billboard on why to not reelect him with constant lies, losing trade, etc deals, running the farm, manufacturing into the ground as his useless losing incompetent tariffs kills their markets.
    And killed my solar business, 30% tariffs on panels, metals just as it was starting so I can’t get off SSI.
    DeSantis hiding, changing data will bite him as will his exaggerating how safe it is as the virus doesn’t care.
    Remember we still have 95% that can get sick and many will in the next yr as it’ll take that long for a viable vaccine to be produced enough for most to get it at best.
    See you in November!

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