Gavin Rollins releases new television ad, vows to preserve America’s history

by | Jul 16, 2020

Republican congressional candidate Gavin Rollins released his second television ad on Thursday, vowing to fight in Congress to save America’s history and defend the freedoms of its citizens.

The 30-second ad, titled “Freedom Is Worth The Fight,” features the Florida National Guard Captain loading and firing an automatic rifle as he warns of the threat posed by Communist China and the radical left.

“Our freedom is under attack from Communist China and the radical left,” Rollins says in the video. “They want to destroy our history and take away our constitutional right to defend ourselves. I’m Gavin Rollins, I’m a captain in the Florida Guard, I’ve served overseas in a combat zone defending our freedom, and in Congress, I’ll continue to fight. I’m Gavin Rollins and I approved this message because our freedom is worth fighting for.”

Rollins said he chose a firing range as the backdrop for the ad because we are “literally at war” with Communist China and the radical left, and, “Now is not the time to play nice with the enemy. We need warriors in Congress.”

“While dominating and intimidating its own citizens through censorship, imprisonment, and horrible abuse, the Communist Party of China, which leads the country, seeks to control other parts of the world, including the USA,” said Rollins. “I witnessed China’s aggressive expansion when I was deployed to a combat zone in Djibouti, Africa. Make no mistake, we are engaged in a stealth war with China and we must fight back before it’s too late.”

Rollins, a high school history teacher and county commissioner, is one of 10 Republicans looking to replace Congressman Ted Yoho who is retiring at the end of his current term.

Also seeking the GOP nomination for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District are businessman Judson Sapp, businesswoman Kat Cammack, Gainesville City Commissioner Todd Chase, former congressional aide Joe Millado, physician James St. George, businessman Ryan Chamberlin, businessman Bill Engelbrecht, businessman David Theus, and businesswoman Amy Pope Wells

FL-03 includes Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties and is largely made up of Republican voters. Yoho won the red district in 2016 earning 57.6% of the vote.


  1. Anonymous

    Last time I checked it was 100% illegal for anyone to own a full automatic weapon.

  2. Brian Burgess

    Where did you check? Because last time I checked there are a number of ways to legally acquire a fully automatic weapon in Florida.

    But why do you bring it up?

  3. Al Simmons

    The rifle is a semi auto. The person who actually wrote the article doesn’t know the difference.

  4. Robert

    The article called it an automatic BUT it may be that whoever wrote the article 1) does not know the difference between an automatic or semi-automatic 2) they did know the difference and intentionally for political purposes mis-described it as an automatic weapon

  5. Brenda Gartrell

    In my opinion, if Gavin Rollins had more money behind him, he could walk away with this election. If you can afford the campaign ads, your message gets heard. For the most part, people are lazy about selecting a candidate and make quick judgements based on soundbytes. Rollins is VERY knowledgeable about government and how it works. He really stood out to a lot of people at a recent CD 3 candidate forum. People walked in not knowing anything about him, and a lot of them walked out Rollins supporters.

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