Gillum plays race card – again – during national CNN debate

by | Oct 21, 2018

Roughly halfway through CNN’s Florida Governor’s Debate, Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum accused Republican Ron DeSantis of “doing all he can to draw attention to the color of my skin.”

Gillum made the remark after CNN’s debate host, Jake Tapper, asked DeSantis to respond to Florida voters that, Tapper alleged, may have concerns about DeSantis’s “tolerance.” Tapper cited an on-air comment by DeSantis just a day after the primary in which DeSantis said off-handedly that voters shouldn’t “monkey this up” in reference to Florida’s booming economy.

DeSantis flatly denied allegations of racism and cited his work as a military lawyer and prosecutor before Tapper allowed Gillum to respond.

“The congressman let us know exactly where he was going to take this race the day after he won the nomination. The ‘monkey up’ comment said it all. And he has only continued over the course of his campaign to draw attention to the color of my skin.”

Moments earlier, Gillum had accused DeSantis of “moderating a racist Facebook page,” and expressed disbelief after DeSantis pointed out that anyone can invite other users to become admins on their pages. DeSantis said he solved the problem by deleting his personal Facebook page.

It wasn’t the first time Gillum has played the race card since he shocked the Florida political world after winning the Democratic primary for governor. In the hours after the primary election when DeSantis made the “monkey this up” comment, Gillum appeared in an interview with FOX News host Shepard Smith and compared DeSantis’s comments with using a racist “dog whistle.”

“Well, I’ll try to be articulate, Chris, and simply say that kind of vitriol…and he’s apparently given up the whistle, and they’ve gone to the bullhorn with these kinds of tactics, but they’re not going to work.”

When The Capitolist published an analysis piece weeks ago explaining why Gillum’s earlier decision to play the race card was a major tactical error, a Gillum representative contacted The Capitolist denied that Gillum would ever play the race card.

Watch the exchange where Gillum plays the race card.


  1. Mary Peterson

    Gillum like Obama will use whatever it takes to get elected.
    DeSantis stand your ground and don’t be imitated. You are the TRUE PERSON FOR FLORIDA.

  2. Karen Beard

    De Santis your record is that you were in favor of reducing Social Security and Medicare. President Trump just a few days ago reiterated that Social Security and Medicare should NOT be reduced. I am a retired Florida resident and this affects many others in this State. Will you be changing your original position?

    • Harris

      Because if you don’t put out that match, I’m voting for the flamethrower!

      • Rico Sieve

        Govenors do not change entitlements.

    • Rico Siave

      Govenors do not change entitlements

  3. Keith

    You mean he told the truth and you feel uncomfortable.. gotcha!!

  4. Kathleen Fanelli

    Racist, misogynisti, homophobic and any other card they can conger up. Sick of it and American Patriots aren’t falling for it. Try running on policy and what you are going to do to help America.

    • Ron C.

      Excellent idea. “People who throw dirt, lose ground.”
      What are your plans for the office we will pay you to hold?

  5. candis pritters

    democrats and liberals can make any statement racist at all. Gillum is a full pledged socialist, anti-constitution, anti-rule of law candidate who will open Florida borders, attemot to decrease or diminish our 2nd and 1st amendent rights, grossly increase our taxes, continue to socialize our education system, and ultimately create a califlorida.

    • Anonymous

      This is so true Guillum is a full fledge socialist dont turn your back on him he is a Soros cronie.

  6. Randolph

    Anyone but Gillum

  7. Carlito

    Why are we even allowing avowed “socialists” to run for political office? They stand against the foundational principles of our nation. Isn’t that treason?

  8. Linda

    Every time a democratic black person can’t win on their merits they pull the race card. It is figuring. I vote not on the color if their skin but in their policies. I like Hernan Cain and many other conservative blacks. But Gilliam will destroy all the good Florida is doing. Our businesses are booming along with Texas. Everything will come to a halt under Gilliam. He is a socialist and wants to make Florida a sanctuary city, have gun control, raise corporate taxes which will halt job growth, and raise everyone’s taxes. He wants socialized medicine and to hive free Medicare, free welfare and free college. NOTHING is free… we the taxpayers will pay dearly. Florida has a high senior population which his policies will hurt. Crime will skyrocket here because he wants to destroy ICE and limit police.

  9. Allen

    Under Gillum we will be known as Califlorida like others have said. His policies fall directly in line with Jerry Brown Governor of Commiefornia. We must not let this man win we must get out and vote red. If not we will fall to the ranks of nothingness.

  10. Rei

    Seems DeSantis is the one playing the “race card” with his use of the dog whistle(shouldn’t “monkey this up”) not once but at least twice. gotsTruth be told, we all know this statement to be a dog whistle to bigots

    • Jenny

      Rei, you are pathetic. This man wants a sanctuary state! His words not mine! He hates cops and wants to get rid of ice as well as raise taxes. You are ok with open borders in Florida?

    • Rico Sieve

      Dont monkey this up is a figure of speech that has nothing to with black people unless you are very insecure black person and think every white person is racist and referring to you or you have nothing to run on and are forced to pull the race card. Race card fatigue setting in over here, dont play that bs Oblama cronie.

    • Rico Sieve

      Stick the dog whistle up your arse and stop watching CNN to get your argument research moron.
      DEMOCRATS the party of lies.

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