CORRECTION: Gov. DeSantis orders South Florida to stay at home through mid-April, not mid-May

by | Mar 30, 2020

UPDATE: Gov. DeSantis now says he spoke in error regarding his “stay-at-home” order for Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties, and that he meant to say that it should continue through mid-April, not mid-May. The mistake lingered for three hours before it was corrected. We updated this story as soon as the error was realized.

If you live in South Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has some bad news for you. Stay at home. He issued an executive order Monday regarding the safety of four South Florida counties he believes will help minimize the spread of the virus across the state.

“We want to win the fight againt COVID-19,” DeSantis said. “We’re going guns blazing, doing all that we can, to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

The order, called “Safer at Home,” requires South Florida residents in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties to isolate at home. South Florida continues to be the area of the state with the most virus cases, with over 1,600 in Miami-Dade and more than 1,100 in Broward.

Those counties represent about 60 percent of all infections in Florida.

The order includes a set of rules to follow and urges people to stay home as much as possible until the middle of May.

“Safer at home is the right move for Southern and Southeast Florida, this is the time to do the right thing and listen to all your local officials. We do this in till the middle of May and then we will see where we are at,” said DeSantis.

On why the issue is so important, DeSantis said that South Florida is the most densely populated part of the state, and with Miami International Airport, it’s an international travel destination.

DeSantis has resisted issuing a statewide order on the grounds that local officials should be allowed to respond to local conditions. He also has argued that some areas of the state have yet to report any infections with the new coronavirus that’s been linked to COVID-19.

The order has not yet been posted by the governor, so the exact wording is not yet known.



  1. Anonymous

    Im glad hes keeping the coronavirus people on the southside, wat if they come on the northside or west side , there’s no way u would know

  2. Robertwalin

    What can we see In reopening of are beautiful beaches in south Florida especially palm beach do they have a time line yet?

  3. Jeff Kahanec

    Its all about me me me. Its time this huge menting pot think along the llines of we we we. How can I help thy neighbors as thy self? People in new york didnt listen to STAT AT HOME! ORDER BY THE MAYOR. NOW LOOK. Blame the goverment? Blame yourselves as USA is NOT alone. So every goverment in 152 countries messed up? Look in the mirror people THATS who to blame. I have been home 3 weeks 63 says I am old, Not. And I am survivor of AIDS. Dr. RON Wewora had tears saying I have meds to keep people alive but they will not take thier meds. Yes they sucked and many other meds.Dr. LESLIE Diaz has kept me going thru cancer major heart conditions pancreatitis major blood clots she pointed me to the best of the best. Flollow the orders dang it cause i care about you to get going out of my mind syndrome. Nope its not another dream or better just a nite mare. Till it hits you and being reckless that your mom may die. Dont blame the government blame yourself for not heading the health officials and Specialists.

  4. John Hernandez

    there’s a lot of confused everyone give different opinion that is why the American people is confused I would like to ask the president that I believe in him he doing a great job and also the Governor why is it the people like me medical condition do not have no glove no alcohol anything to cover the face CVS Walgreen and all the pharmacy don’t have anything everyone should stay home and help the neighbor and I pray to God that everything is going to be okay make America better we are going to win this battle God Bless America and God bless everyone this sick John Hernandez Hollywood Florida

  5. John Hernandez

    I wanted to thank all the hospital all the police officer and the fire department the great job they doing to Serve the People we should learn from then and respect them and follow the law please stay home what’s going on is very Siri you have to respect other people life and the only way you’re going to do that if you stay home and be safe I want to take this opportunity I want to thank the president for helping me because I did write a letter to him he respond back to me thank you mr. President for being so kind and I know you are doing the best for the American people that’s why American people love you and I whole and pray to God he would become the president again because we need you sir also I would like to take this opportunity to tell the governor then he’s doing a great job I bless you and I’ll hold everything would be okay we are going to win this battle old American people need to pray to God thank you so much John Hernandez Hollywood Florida

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