Gov. Scott Announces Latin America Summit in Miami, Continues to Speak out Against Cuba and Venezuela Leaders

by | Jul 24, 2017

Leaders of Latin American countries will be invited to Miami later this year to take part in what’s being called the 2017 Latin America Summit, Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday.

Scott says the summit will bring together world leaders to improve current partnerships and build new relations that he says will better serve the interests of Florida, while promoting democracy and human rights throughout Latin America.

“When I was elected Governor, I made a commitment to work every day to listen to Florida families and fight for what’s most important to them,” said Scott. “As the unrest and oppression continue in Cuba and Venezuela, I am hearing from more and more Floridians who are expressing the need for change in Cuba and Venezuela. I join them in demanding democracy and freedom across Latin America.”

Scott recently has been speaking out in opposition to what he calls the “brutal and oppressive dictatorship” of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

The governor says under Maduro, Venezuela has slipped into chaos resulting in violence in the streets and economic uncertainty.

“What’s happening in Venezuela is an echo of the brutal oppression that continues to cripple the lives of millions of Cubans,” Scott added. “We know that peace and prosperity go hand in hand, and nations who embrace human rights and democracy thrive in our global economy.”

Details of the summit, including a list of speakers, are still being finalized. Click here for more information.

The summit will be held on Oct. 2.



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