Gov. Scott Continues to Spar with Legislature Over Economic Development

by | May 22, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott isn’t wasting any opportunities at taking jabs at the Florida Legislature.

The latest flurry of punches came today in a news release touting economic benefits derived from a recent trade mission to Argentina.

The release noted that the nearly 40 companies that went on the trade mission have since reported $24 million in expected sales from the trip. Scott says it’s another testament to the benefits of Enterprise Florida, the state’s economic development agency.

“We are competing in a global economy, and many of these businesses would not have the resources or opportunities to market themselves across the world if not for Enterprise Florida,” said Scott. “It is disappointing that the Legislature chose to disregard the impact not fully funding EFI could have on our job creators and families.”  

Also today, the governor attended a groundbreaking in Orlando for KPMG’s new 55-acre learning, development and innovation facility. The facility will add 80 new jobs to the Orlando market and KPMG is expected to add another 250 jobs statewide over the next three years.

Again, the governor lauded the work of the state’s economic development community.

“I am proud to celebrate the groundbreaking of KPMG’s new facility and the creation of 330 new jobs. KPMG is a global company with an incredible presence in our state and today’s announcement shows how important it is to do all we can to fight for these major jobs wins,” said Scott.

The governor has used every opportunity he has had in the last couple of weeks to tout the importance of Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida, which is responsible for marketing Florida’s tourism industry.

The Legislature drastically slashed funding for both agencies in the budget that lawmakers approved earlier this month.  Providing adequate funding for the two agencies was among the governor’s budget priorities this year.

The governor has hinted he might veto the entire budget and call the Legislature back to Tallahassee to rewrite the spending plan.



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