Governor’s office, law enforcement object to deployment to Texas being called a “political stunt”

by | Jun 17, 2021

While political opponents are willing to write off Governor Ron DeSantis’ commitment to deploying Florida law enforcement to Texas and Arizona as just a “political stunt,” those in law enforcement committing resources and manpower to that deployment are taking it quite seriously. The Governor’s office says such a characterization is “offensive.”

In direct response to a letter late last week from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, requesting immediate assistance to quell the surge of illegal migrants, apprehend illegal criminal aliens, and secure the border, DeSantis announced yesterday several of Florida’s law enforcement agencies will send personnel to Texas and Arizona to aid local authorities in addressing the immigration crisis.

Gubernatorial candidates U.S. Representative Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commission Nikki Fried were dismissive of the governor’s announcement.

Crist said it was just a “political stunt” that will “make our streets less safe.”

Fried wrote on Twitter, “Florida’s current governor just makes controversies up to get on Fox News.”

Florida Representative Anna Eskamani tweeted, “Another political stunt by @GovRonDeSantis
— instead of perpetuating the attacks on immigrants & going after Biden Administration why don’t you focus on the people who live in FL!”

“The Governor’s decision to send Florida law enforcement to the border in response to the request from the governors of Texas and Arizona is in no way a ‘political stunt.’ Frankly, that accusation is offensive and unfair to the brave men and women of law enforcement who answered the call to help our fellow Americans secure our country’s border. Governor DeSantis is grateful for their service,” the Governor’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw responded in a statement to The Capitolist.

She continued, “Helping out other states in their moment of need is the right thing to do; the governors of other states have sent resources to Florida in response to natural disasters, for example. Moreover, securing the border helps Floridians. Even though Florida isn’t a border state, securing the southern border would help stop the flow of illegal drugs that end up in our state and ravage our communities. Illegal immigrants have also committed crimes in Florida, which could have been prevented if our immigration laws were enforced. These are very real issues that affect Floridians’ everyday lives, and it’s wrong to dismiss the Governor’s attempt to address these issues as a mere ‘political stunt.’ With the federal government unable or unwilling to enforce our laws and secure our border, Florida is ready to step up to the plate and do our part. ”

Walton County’s Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr. said answering the Governor’s call to assist Texas and Arizona with the border crisis is “fundamentally the right thing to do regardless of what your politics are. This situation has got to be addressed down at the border.”

He said, he and other Florida law enforcement officers assisted in Louisiana in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina and this situation is not very different.

“Clearly there is a crisis at the border,” Adkinson said. “As a law enforcement officer, upon the Governor’s request, I think it’s fundamentally the right thing to do to assist. I really do think it’s a moral obligation. I think we have this responsibility. From a law enforcement standpoint, I think it’s important to remember, I don’t get to pick and choose which laws or which administrations, I will or will not support. I’m going to do what I promised the people of Walton County I would do and that’s enforce our laws with a fair and compassionate approach to doing our duties.”

He said the border crisis does affect the people of Walton County directly, that there is a risk to local citizens.

The sheriff of Pasco County agrees.

Sheriff Chris Nocco of Pasco County said, “The flow of fentanyl that makes its way into our country and into our communities negatively impacts every citizen as we continue to deal with the ongoing issue of substance abuse and overdoses in our community. Pasco County is no different, with record numbers of overdoses over the last year. We will do whatever necessary to keep fentanyl and other illegal narcotics out of our community. In addition, as we fight to end the scourge of human trafficking, we must ensure that those who enter our country are not trafficked and used as tools to carry these illegal narcotics across our border.”

He said he was honored to stand with Governor DeSantis yesterday as he announced Florida’s support of Texas at the southern border.

Florida’s head law enforcement officer, Attorney General Ashley Moody takes the announcement seriously too.

“As Attorney General, I am dedicated to ending human trafficking, protecting our children from sexual predators, and fighting the opioid crisis now claiming 21 lives a day in our state, but President Biden is hurting, not helping us achieve these vital public safety goals,” she said. “The crisis the President created at our southern border makes all of us less safe, and I am proud to stand with Governor DeSantis as he tries to fix the President’s disaster at the border to protect Floridians.”


  1. John

    It certainly is a political stunt. De Santis should be ashamed of himself for wasting taxpayers money. If there is a need in Texas and Arizona, they should use their own National Guard.

  2. Cindy

    And you are so very selfish person. If you think for one second that every American citizen and that includes YOU doesn’t face the possibility of crime upon you , a member of your family, a friend then you are very sadly mistaken. They are arresting terrorist, thugs, gang members, sex traffickers if young girls and boys, raoust and the list goes on then they because if Buden have to let them go . They cannot put them in jail. So if you are so ignorant that thus is ok with you then you need serious help. The birder patrol is tied up with taking care of thousands of children ages 3 to 17 that have been sexually abused, some beaten as well dropped off by smugglers to detour the birder patrol so they can come in. People from Iran and Syria are now in the United Ststes. I could go in and on. Thus should be enough info fir anyone with common sense to see this is wrong; dangerous to us the American people and its certainly unfair to these frightened children who have been stolen from their parents and all alone. Yet you have a problem with your Givernor helping Texas and Arizima out. You are a sorry excuse for a human being I hope you get the wrath of an illegal immigrant. Your attitude deserves it but may be what it takes for your eyes to be opened.

  3. Hohn

    Arizona and Texas have their own law enforcement. This is just a political stunt to make people like you feel that De Santis is protecting our nation. He is not. As a 3rd generation Floridian, I resent this misrepresentation and the waste in my tax dollars and you should too. Stop believing the fear mongering and us versus them mentality the politicians are feeding you. They are doing this to divide our country because they are morally bankrupt and have no ideas on how to lead.

  4. Ed

    So I’m guessing Hohn would have no problem with a Mariel Boat Lift part two since that is what is going on the Southern Border but on a much higher scale. While we’re at it let’s allow any Haitian to come to the United States if they like. They would all leave that country if allowed. Biden and Harris are not up to the task of protecting our Southern Border so it is up to the Governor’s to handle it and I’m sure Abbot asked for help since no one is currently at home in the White House.

  5. John

    Ed, The issue is about using Florida resources to do Arizona and Texas’s work and paying for it. . But since you brought up immigration. The Mariel Boatlift is when Castro emptied his jails and sent them here. This is not the case at the Southwest border. These people are running from crime and extreme poverty. Our nation was founded on people looking for a better life. Unless you are Natve American, Im sure your ancestors came to this country running from some sort of poverty and oppression.

  6. Anonymous

    To John. What do you think would happen if we opened up our borders to anyone that wanted to come? Do you think we can be the World’s food bank, housing, and medical provider? Ask the people in Europe their opinion on open borders. You know the old saying, “Those that fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it”.

  7. John J Murphy Jr

    Hey Joe Bite-me supporter your dolt of a potus is not doing the job he is paid to do. He is way too busy finding jobs for the Biden Crime Family….One day the people of this great nation will wise up and create TERM LIMITS an all the crooks from both parties will be out of lifetime jobs. If term limits are good enough for the major leaders of our great state then why not Congress that hotbed of BS artists. An every city and county of elected officials..
    Who only hold hearings to get there faces on TV. They say 1 thing and do what’s best for there own pocketbooks.

    ..Our Governor is correct in sending help whether you know it or not its the responsibility of the states to care for each other. You know that little followed document your crooks swear to uphold then pay zero attention too! The US Constitution.

    You know that messy part in Article IV Section 2 which states “ANY PERSON CHARGED IN ANY STATE WITH TREASON FELONY,OR OTHER CRIME WHO SHALL FLEE FROM JUSTICE AND BE FOUND IN ANOTHER STATE SHALL ON DEMAND OF THE EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE FROM WHICH HE FLED BE DELIVERED UP TO BE REMOVED TO THE STATE HAVING JURISDICTION OF THE CRIME” . Got it the crime is against these 2 states and our governor is upholding that portion of the US Constitution….got it bubba? He does what the crooks in your party dont do….

  8. Sparky

    First of all Mz Murphy your headline is a down right lie you state the governor does not want our Law Enforcement being sent to Texas and Arizona what a outright lie shame on you Karen an the local sheriffs do agree with the Gov so please go back to your school and learn the english language… shame shame shame I guess you got your

    • Karen Murphy

      I think you misread my headline. Thank you for reading my story, though.

  9. John

    Anonymous, We haven’t opened our border to everyone that come. In February of this year, the border patrol reported 90,000 people tried to enter the country of which 76,000 were denied. That doesn’t sound like open borders to me. Maybe, you should read up on what it takes to become an American Citizen. For most, it’s a 10 year process my friend. As for Europe and repeating history. Hitler hated immigration too. We know how that ended.

  10. John

    Mr. Murphy, Your name calling anger is a perfect example of what you read and hear. Maybe you should reflect on that. There are many other voices that don’t share your view and have greater experience in determining fact from disinformation. I suspect you don’t really know what the U.S. Constitution is or really care. I would even go as far to say that you would probably FLUNK the entrance exam required by new citizens that have immigrated to this country.

  11. Jim

    Sparky, maybe you should go back and reread the headline for yourself.

  12. ross

    Why not get FPL, Duke and others to help fix the electrical grid, which I’ll bet most Texans know to be a real, not makebelieve, problem!


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