HCA Healthcare commits up to $1.5 million in storm relief efforts

by | Oct 7, 2022

  • HCA Healthcare on Friday pledged up to $1.5 million towards Hurricane Ian relief efforts
  • The company will contribute funds towards the state Disaster Fund and the American Red Cross among other local community efforts 
  • HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital sustained severe damage during the storm, losing its roof. The damage has forced the facility to shutter until repairs can be completed

HCA Healthcare, one of Florida’s largest healthcare providers, announced on Friday its commitment of $1.5 million towards Hurricane Ian storm relief through community organizations and colleague matching.

As part of the pledge, HCA Healthcare will contribute $1 million to the Governor’s Florida Disaster Fund, $250,000 to the American Red Cross, and up to $250,000 in colleague-matching gifts to the American Red Cross.

In further support of affected communities, HCA Healthcare’s Human Resources and Supply Chain teams have set up on-site mini-marts, fuel stations, showers, and laundry services in Florida to assist facilities, colleagues, and nearby health systems in need.

“I am incredibly proud of how our Florida colleagues have responded in the wake of Hurricane Ian,” said Sam Hazen, chief executive officer of HCA Healthcare. “Their resilience and compassion, even when faced with devastation as great as this, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the care and improvement of human life.

HCA’s own facilities were impacted by the storm, with suspended services and transferred patients at several southwest Florida including HCA Florida Pasadena Hospital, HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital, HCA Florida West Tampa Hospital, and HCA Florida Trinity West Hospital to other hospitals.

HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital in Port Charlotte sustained the most severe damage among HCA centers, losing a portion of its roof. The hospital remains closed as repairs are underway, though a reopening date is still unclear, according to a news statement.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian and unfortunate disasters like it, we tend to see such extraordinary stories of people reaching out to make a difference in all of our local communities,” said Dr. Ravi Chari, president of HCA Healthcare West Florida Division. “And by being there for our HCA Florida Healthcare family, our caregivers know that we are taking care of them and their families so they are able to show up and provide outstanding care and emotional support to our patients.”

According to property information analytics for storm damage, total flood and wind losses are estimated to be between $41 billion and $70 billion. The total establishes the storm as one of the costliest in American history.

131 deaths as a result of Hurricane Ian have been recorded, marking Ian as the state’s deadliest storm since 1934.


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