HD 81 candidate Greg Folley posts another $28,000 to extend his total haul to $458k

by | Jul 11, 2023

  • Greg Folley, a conservative Marco Island city council member posted another $28,000 for his campaign for the House District 81 seat in the last month, bringing his total funds raised to $458,040 since May.
  • Folley expressed gratitude for the strong support from the community and pledged to continue building momentum for his campaign until election day.
  • Folley, who has served in various local roles, is competing for the open House District 81 seat against Gladyvette Benarroch, a Marco Island real estate agent, who has raised $64,488 for her campaign so far, including $30,000 in personal loans.

Conservative Marco Island city council member Greg Folley announced today that his campaign for the House District 81 seat has added just under $28,000 to his war chest over the last month. Since launching his campaign in May, Folley collected a grand total of $458,040 for his campaign and a political committee, with $300,000 of that coming from a personal loan.

Folley’s campaign account has now accumulated $366,040, increase of $13,267 from last month’s total of $352,773. Meanwhile, his political committee, Friends of Greg Folley, has now amassed $92,000, up $14,691 from the previous month’s $77,309. Combining the two hauls shows that Folley effectively raised $27,958 over the month.

In a press release sent Tuesday afternoon, Folley expressed gratitude for what he called “strong support coming from the community,” and stated that he was eager to continue the campaign’s momentum until election day. “Their willingness to invest in my campaign and future leadership is a great honor, and I can’t thank them enough,” said Folley.

The candidate has shown commitment to his community through various roles in local capacities, particularly in Marco Island. On June 1, 2020, he was appointed to the City Council to fill a vacancy and was elected in November of the same year to complete the term. He was subsequently re-elected for a full term in November 2022 and has served as the Chairman of the Marco Island City Council since December of 2022.

Folley is vying for the open House District 81 seat, currently held by Republican state Rep. Bob Rommel, who cannot seek another term due to term limits. His only known competitor in the Republican primary is Marco Island real estate agent Gladyvette Benarroch, who has raised $64,488 so far. That figure includes a $30,000 loan from Benarroch to her campaign.

According to his bio, Folley is married with a large family, is also a parishioner at San Marco Catholic Church.

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