Ridin’ with Biden: Which Florida Congressional Members vote most often with Joe Biden? You might be surprised

by | Dec 27, 2021

Florida’s political culture runs the gamut on the left-right scale, and as such, the 27 U.S House Representatives and 2 U.S. Senators that were elected by Floridian citizens can oftentimes vote dissimilarly to one another. Democrat US Rep. Charlie Crist, for example, votes in line with President Joe Biden’s position at a rate of 100 percent, while Republican US Rep. Daniel Webster does so just 4.9 percent of the time.

Webster’s two votes alongside Biden allocated emergency money to Capitol security forces following the Jan 6th attacks, and to expand the number of visas available for Afghans who worked on behalf of the U.S. government.

Each of the 11 Democrat Representatives from Florida has voted with Biden on each measure presented on the floor of the House of Representatives. Even Stephanie Murphy, a so-called Democratic centrist, has yet to stray from the President’s opinion.

Unsurprisingly, Florida’s delegation of Congressional Republicans tend to vote nay more often than yay. Maria Elvira Salazar, representing the Florida’s 27th district which covers most of Miami, is the GOP lawmaker that sides with Biden the most, at a clip of 31.9 percent. Salazar voted alongside Biden in allowing farmworkers to gain legal immigration status and requiring background checks for all gun sales, among others, while also voting against increasing the debt limit and extending government funding.

Despite being seen nationally as one of the furthest right politicians in the state, 1st District Representative Matt Gaetz is the 4th most likely Republican to vote with Biden, having done so 17 percent of the time. Carlos A. Jimenez and Mario Diaz-Balart are the only two lawmakers other than Salazar to place higher than Gaetz.

In the Senate, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott tend to vote against Biden more often than not.  Rubio is more apt to vote in conjunction with the President than Scott, doing so 38.9 percent of the time, while Scott has tallied just 17.9 percent of his votes on the Senate floor in support of Biden’s policy initiatives. Scott’s voting record is among the lowest of all Senators in matching Biden, tied with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Only Missouri Senator Josh Hawley votes against Biden more.

See how your local Representative and state Senator votes:


Senator Percentage  Party
Rick Scott   17.9%R
Marco Rubio   38.9%R



Politician District   Percentage  Party
Matt Gaetz  FL-117.0%R
Neal Dunn  FL-28.3%R
Kat Cammack  FL-36.3%R
John Rutherford  FL-46.4%R
Al Lawson  FL-5100%D
Michael Waltz  FL-610.4%R
Stephanie Murphy  FL-7100%D
Bill Posey  FL-88.5%R
Darren Soto  FL-9100%D
Val Demmings  FL-10100%D
Daniel Webster  FL-114.9%R
Gus M. Bilirakis  FL-1214.6%R
Charlie Crist  FL-13100%D
Kathy Castor  FL-14100%D
C. Scott Franklin  FL-156.4%R
Vern Buchanan  FL-1614.9%R
Greg Steube  FL-176.3%R
Brian Mast  FL-1814.6%R
Bryan Donalds  FL-198.5%R
Vacant  FL-20
Lois Frankel  FL-21100%D
Teed Deutch  FL-22100%D
Debbie W. Schultz. FL-23100%D
Frederica Wilson. FL-24100%D
Mario Diaz-Balart. FL-2520.8%R
Carlos A. Gimenez. FL-2629.2%R
Maria Elvira Salazar  FL-2731.9%R


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