Hurricane Harvey’s Impact Expected to Be Felt in Florida

by | Aug 28, 2017

While Hurricane Harvey continues to impact Texas, the effects of the storm are expected to impact Florida as well, just as thousands of Floridians are preparing to travel for the long Labor Day weekend.

AAA Auto Club says because a lot of the gas used in Florida comes from areas around the Gulf of Mexico, it’s possible gas prices could soar from 10 to 30 cents in the next week.

“When the refineries are impacted by a storm such as a hurricane, it shuts them down,” said W.D. Williams, a spokesperson for AAA. “The wind interrupts the power supply. You’ll have flooding that interrupts operations. That means there is going to be no gasoline being produced for a bit of time.”

As of Monday morning, the death toll has reached six, but rescue workers have not been able to complete searches as rain continues to beat down on Texas. Hurricane Harvey has left incredible amounts of rain water with more than 200,000 people without power.

Williams said a Category 3 storm or stronger could leave refineries disabled for up to three weeks.


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