It’s not a bold pledge for a Republican to make, but Adam Putnam can say he’s the first of the governor candidates to make it

by | Apr 6, 2018

As far as Republican candidates for Florida governor go, vowing “to oppose and veto any efforts to increase taxes” isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd. Not increasing or cutting taxes is a campaign promise most conservative Republican candidates would make in a bid for a political office.

While he might not stand alone on the issue of not raising taxes, gubernatorial candidate and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam bragged today that he is the first and only gubernatorial candidate to sign the Taxpayer Protection Plan, a project of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

Putnam signed the pledge at Kimmins Contractors in Tampa on Friday.

“Thanks to President Trump for his leadership in passing the most significant tax reform in history. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cut $5.5 trillion in taxes over 10 years,” said Putnam. “And businesses like this one invested that savings right back into its people and its community.

ATR works with taxpayer groups around the country to enlist candidates and elected officials to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

“In signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Adam Putnam today reminds every taxpayr in Florida that he stands with them,” said Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform. “The Pledge is a public, written commitment to the taxpayers of Florida that as Governor he will continue that principled commitment.”

The Putnam campaign maintains its candidate has a strong record of fighting for taxpayers to save $2.48 trillion at the federal level and $7.5 for families here in Florida. .

Putnam adds that as Agriculture Commissioner, he helped pushed for a cut in electricity consumption taxes on Florida businesses. Its estimated the cut has saved businesses more than $3 million each year.

“I believe that Floridians – not the government – know best how to use their money,” Putnam added. “When I’m Governor, I will continue Governor Scott’s legacy in cutting taxes and fees on Florida families and Florida businesses so that Floridians can keep more of their ” money.”


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  1. Richard Sloat

    The idea you will never have to raise taxes, sounds nice, but the result has been massive debt all across our Nation. It has no vision for the future as we had in the 1950’s to build the best highway system in the world. Now we can’t even fix our roads. You cannot “make America great again” on the cheap.

    My political satire, entitled “Taking the Tea Party Republican Tax Pledge”, is on YouTube. Here is the link

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