Jamie Grant to lead AIF’s AI coalition, aiming for policy development and legislative education

by | Feb 20, 2024

Former Florida Chief Information Officer Jamie Grant has been appointed by the Associated Industries of Florida to lead its Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business, aiming to bridge communication between the business sector and state legislators to foster AI policy development.

The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) announced on Tuesday that former Florida Chief Information Officer and State Representative Jamie Grant has been appointed to lead its Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business.

According to the business advocacy group, a primary focus of the coalition under Grant’s leadership will be to facilitate communication between the business community and state legislators, with an objective to educate lawmakers on the practical and potential applications of AI in business.

“Jamie’s unique experience in the private sector, the legislature, and as the State’s Chief Information Officer will bring invaluable insights to the Coalition as it begins to dive into the rapidly expanding applications and far-reaching impacts of AI and the policies needed to appropriately harness the power of its current and future potential,” said AIF President & CEO Brewster Bevis. “With him helping us lead this charge, the Coalition will be well equipped to thoughtfully engage on this ever-evolving issue and develop policy recommendations that can help guide the state to responsibly embrace AI opportunities.”

The AIF announced the formation of the Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business earlier this month, aimed at coalescing various sectors to shape responsible and forward-thinking AI policies. The group will serve to develop guidelines for AI use and collaborate with policymakers to construct a regulatory environment that fosters innovation while ensuring accountability.

Participants in the coalition include both AIF members and non-members, as well as partner organizations, featuring tech corporations like Google and Meta, alongside Florida-based companies such as Florida Blue and Disney.

One of the coalition’s stated primary objectives is to educate legislators on the current and potential uses of AI in the business sector through roundtable events and other engagements. The Coalition will also focus on developing and passing a broadly agreed-upon definition of AI to be used as a launching point for policy development moving forward.

“Artificial intelligence and its impact on Florida’s employers is a here-and-now issue, not something that is coming later,” said AIF Vice-President of Governmental Affairs Adam Basford. “There are bills being debated in the legislature this session that deal with AI and how it may be regulated to standard business practices.”


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