Jeanette Nuñez, Ashley Moody endorse DeSantis for President

by | May 26, 2023

  • Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez and Attorney General Ashley Moody have endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential campaign.
  • Nuñez would be next in line to become governor of Florida if DeSantis wins the general election.
  • DeSantis announced his candidacy as a direct rival to former President Donald Trump and will kick off his campaign with stops in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Two top Florida officials, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez and Attorney General Ashley Moody, have formally endorsed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential campaign over former President Donald Trump.

Nuñez, who served as DeSantis’ stateside running mate for two gubernatorial election cycles, would be the next in line to become governor of Florida if DeSantis wins the general election.

“He’s a great Governor and an even better man,” said Nuñez. “He is guided by his convictions and principles. He does not waiver in the face of adversity …Now America needs him. That is why I’m honored to unequivocally endorse Ron DeSantis for President.”

This week, the governor offered a statement of reassurance towards Nuñez, asserting that her governorship would offer a sense of “continuity” in Florida politics. Through five years in office together, DeSantis and Nuñez have proven synchronous in legislative priorities, focusing on healthcare, education, and human trafficking initiatives.

Moody also backed DeSantis this week, becoming the first Florida Cabinet member to levy support for the governor’s national campaign. Moody, who shares many of DeSantis’ legislative objectives, is routinely mentioned as a prospective successor once DeSantis’ term expires in 2026.

“Over the last five years, I’ve worked hand-in-hand and witnessed personally Gov. Ron DeSantis’ leadership, his integrity, and his commitment to not only the state of Florida but our nation,” she said. “Governor DeSantis is a conservative leader we’re all proud of. I’m now proud to endorse him to be the next President of the United States.”

Following months of swirling speculations, DeSantis formally announced his entry to the crowding GOP field of presidential candidates, immediately presenting himself as a direct rival to Trump.

In an attempt to garner political momentum in states commencing the 2024 primary season, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Thursday morning that the first stops of his presidential campaign will take place in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

According to the governor’s political operations team, DeSantis will conduct “speeches, stops, and fireside chats” between May 30 and June 2. The announcement comes less than 12 hours after DeSantis took to Twitter Spaces alongside Elon Musk to formally announce his candidacy for the 2024 election cycle.

Throughout the four-day trip, DeSantis is planning to visit five cities in Iowa, with the official campaign kickoff taking place in the capital, Des Moines, followed by visits to four cities in New Hampshire and concluding with three cities in South Carolina.


  1. Germansmith

    The spineless Republicans at Tallahassee endorsed DeSantis….or else.
    We all know how vindictive and petty DeSantis can be…..was there a choice?

  2. Paul Miller

    Hardly breaking news. Next we will hear he is endorsed by his frau and kinderbraten.

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