Jeff Greene continues to spend big money on his campaign, this time dropping $3.2 on a new media buy

by | Jul 25, 2018

Democratic candidate for governor Jeff Greene continues to spend large amounts of his personal wealth to get his message out to voters. Greene announced late Wednesday he’s spending another $3.2 million on a media buy featuring two new television ads. The ads will begin running Thursday statewide.

One of those spots is called “Parkland” and features emotional testimony from Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor Sarah Brodsky.

“I didn’t think that at 16 I’d be going to 6 funerals,” says a tearful Brodsky in the ad.

The spot hits the airwaves just two days after Greene was criticized by former National Rifle Association Marion Hammer for his use of a picture in a campaign mailer depicting images of children as targets.

“As a father, I won’t stand by while the NRA turns our kids into targets.” Greene says in the mailer.  Under the message is a picture of lockers in a school hallway with targets in the shape of students; ‘AR Practice’ and the NRA logo are found on the target boards.

“Students should be worried about grades, not guns,” says Greene, a father of three young sons. “When I send my kids to school, I shouldn’t be afraid they’ll be killed in their classrooms. No parent should.”

“Gun violence has ravaged our state and families,” reads the mailer. “Jeff will take on the NRA to make sure schools are safe for our kids and families are safe in our communities.”

Hammer called Greene’s use of images of children as targets, “repulsive.”

The second ad of the media buy is called, “For Women.” In it, Greene pledges to protect women’s reproductive healthcare rights.

“With his pick for the Supreme Court, Trump has declared war on the women in the state of Florida,” Greene says in the ad. “This is a fight we can’t lose. This stakes are just too high.”

Before this latest ad buy, Greene had already spent over $10 million of his own money on television spots since entering the race on June 1. Greene, a multi-billionaire from Palm Beach has pledged to self-fund his campaign.


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