Jeff Greene pledges $5 mil to help fellow Dems if he wins nomination

by | Aug 21, 2018

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeff Greene is pledging to put his money where his mouth is. When he entered the race in June, Greene vowed to help support Democrats down ticket and Monday night Greene followed through by contributing $5 million to help Democratic state senate candidates.

Greene, a billionaire real estate investor, announced he is putting the money into his newly minted Florida Defense Fund PAC for use by the Senate candidates. Greene also sent contributions to the seven targeted Senate races.  

But, in making his announcement, Greene raised questions whether that money would still be available if he doesn’t win his party’s nomination on Aug. 28. Greene said the $5 million in PAC funds to support those key Senate races was contingent “upon winning his own gubernatorial primary race.” Greene has said all along he would support Democrats on the ticket if he were to be the Democratic nominee.

“My opponents and I all have great ideas – but Democrats have had great ideas for the past 20 years, and we’re all tired of losing,” says Greene. “I’m the only person in this race able to go toe-to-toe and dollar-for-dollar with the Republicans to win in November. And I’m committed to taking the Senate with me. With five seats won we’ve got a Democratic-majority Senate.”

Greene says he has also sent checks to Senate candidates across the state: Kayser Enneking of Gainesville, Amanda Murphy of New Port Ritchie, Janet Cruz of Tampa, Bob Doyel of Winter Haven, Lindsay Cross of St. Petersburg, Rob Levy of Stuart, and David Perez of Coral Gables.

He’s says he also sent contributions to Democratic Attorney General candidate Sean Shaw and candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried.

Greene says the checks cut so far represent only a fraction of the financial support Greene pledges to provide for Democratic candidates down the ticket and across the state.

“This is my vision for Florida: I will help Democrats take back the Senate, make a dent in the House, and defend Bill Nelson’s U.S. Senate seat against Rick Scott,” Greene said. “Just imagine how effective we can be together.”

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  1. Marti

    In other words, he intends to add to his current billions if he becomes governor!The guy will screw our State!

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