Kat Cammack launches first television ad titled, “Chicken”

by | Jul 10, 2020

In the race for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, Republican congressional candidate Kat Cammack got a headstart on her competition on Friday, releasing her first ad of the 2020 campaign cycle.

The ad, titled “Chicken,” is backed with a six-figure, district-wide buy, and features the small business owner touting her experience as the Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Congressman Ted Yoho and comparing her opponents to career politicians who are too “chicken” to stand up for conservative values.

“My opponents are a lot like career politicians in D.C. — chicken,” Cammack said in the 30-second ad. “I’m Kat Cammack and I approve this message because in Washington these guys will run away from President Trump, guns, and the pro-life values that we care about.”

Friday’s ad captures the magic of the first commercial pushed by Yoho during his initial 2012 election. That spot, titled “Pigs,” compares career politicians to “pigs feeding at the trough.”

Cammack, who is in a statistical tie for first in polling in the Republican Primary, has had impressive hauls in fundraising since entering the race last December and has raised more money in-district than any of her competitors.

She has been endorsed by several big-name backers including U.S. Senator Rand Paul and We Build the Wall founder Brian Kolfage. Cammack has also announced endorsements from more local leaders, activists, and elected officials than anyone else in the race.

Cammack is one of 10 Republicans looking to replace Yoho who is retiring at the end of his current term.

Also seeking the GOP nomination are businessman Judson Sapp, Clay County Commissioner Gavin Rollins, Gainesville City Commissioner Todd Chase, former congressional aide Joe Millado, physician James St. George, businessman Ryan Chamberlin, businessman Bill Engelbrecht, businessman David Theus, and businesswoman Amy Pope Wells.

FL-03 includes Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties and is largely made up of Republican voters. Yoho won the red district in 2016 earning 57.6% of the vote.


  1. Nancy Freeland

    You should be ashamed!!!! You didn’t complete the word s h i _ but there’s no doubt what you’re saying. I can’t believe people approve this message! Did you pay them to like you saying this? Do they have children watching children watching television?!!!
    Not in this house!!! We have to protect them from the news due to violence. Now, my grandchildren will be watching movies and children’s channels. What were you thinking? Is your mother and grandmother proud of you? I don’t know you but I am very disappointed in you!!!

    • Scott in Winter Garden

      I thought the commercial was a “hoot!” My dear Nancy, I was shocked you found the manner in which Kat presented the word “chicken-sh^t” offensively. Life is too short. Learn to laugh. I miss the days of the 60’s, 70’s & some of the 80’s when people could laugh at themselves & others, such as some of the Dean Martin celebrity roasts, or Soap (TV show).

      I’m so sorry you are so miserable and pray you overcome your case of “opticalrectalitis.”

  2. Anonymous

    I’ll be voting for you! And that person saying you should be ashamed is nuts. My goodness theres, worse language on TV n on the radio then chicken shit

  3. George Baldwin

    And I thought Ted Yoho was a smoking pile of chickenmanure. Kat Cammack is a FAT smoking pile of chickenmanure.

  4. S. Owl

    Sad that Republicans in your district have to choose between you and Mister Oh No Yoho! Maybe they will have to sit this one out?

  5. Anonymous

    Vote Ryan Chamberlin!!!!

  6. Numb

    So is she a TrumpTard or not? Not sure, but I do like chickens

  7. Mary

    I have to agree with Nancy. Gun toting Cat is offensive.

  8. Rick

    The only chicken shit here is on Cammack’s breath. It is incredible that Cammack has voted against veterans, voted against seniors, voted against the people in general and yet her base still swallow the chicken feed.

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