Kat Cammack releases first TV ad of the general election

by | Oct 2, 2020

Republican congressional nominee Kat Cammack launched her first television ad of the general election in her bid to represent Florida’s 3rd Congressional District.

The 30-second spot, titled “Kat Won’t Quit,” outlines the devastating loss of Cammack’s cattle ranch and how it taught her to overcome adversity.

“When you’ve had nothing and you’ve had everything taken away from you, you come from a place of no fear,” Cammack says at the beginning of the ad.

The spot continues, highlighting the small business owner’s humble beginnings and difficulties following the loss of her families’ cattle ranch.

“Kat Cammack’s family lost their cattle ranch due to a failed Obama-era program,” a narrator cites. “I know what it’s like to pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” Cammack continues.

Cammack, who served as deputy chief of staff for Congressman Ted Yoho, pulled off a Republican primary victory on Aug.18, dispatching 9 other Republican candidates by earning 25 percent of the vote and cruising to a well-earned win.

With the victory, Cammack will now face off against Democrat Adam Christensen. The matchup, however, bodes well for Cammack, who will benefit from her name recognition and experience in the district.

Cammack released the following statement with today’s ad:

“In 2011, my family lost everything. We lost our small cattle ranch due to a failed Obama-era program and left us homeless for several months. After a lifetime of big government failures, I was motivated to create tangible change in Washington. No family should have to go through what mine experienced at the hands of DC bureaucrats. I am running to represent Florida’s 3rd District to ensure hardworking families like mine all across our country are heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill.”

CD 3 includes Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties and is largely made up of Republican voters. Yoho won the red district in 2016 earning 57.6% of the vote.


  1. BruceS

    What “failed Obama-era program”? Do some journalism and tell the story!

  2. Pam Saverthal

    I too want to know “What “failed Obama-era program”? Do some journalism and tell the story!” Were you unable to refinance your farm? Were you unable to make your payments do to over borrowing?

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