Kathleen Passidomo, Paul Renner endorse DeSantis for President

by | May 16, 2023

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis received endorsements from Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner for his anticipated Presidential campaign.
  • The endorsements coincide with reports of DeSantis’ team relocating, hinting at an imminent announcement of his presidential candidacy.
  • DeSantis also earned endorsements from 51 New Hampshire state legislators and 37 Iowa state legislators.

Gov. Ron DeSantis picked up a pair of key statewide endorsements for his anticipated Presidential campaign on Tuesday, receiving the backing of Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner.

Amid speculation that they could break for former president Donald Trump in the GOP primary, the pair of lawmakers have served as two of DeSantis’ biggest political allies since being appointed to their leadership roles, helping the governor usher in his list of legislative priorities during the most recent legislative session.

“There is no greater vision for the future of our country than the “Florida Blueprint” Governor DeSantis spearheaded over the last several years,” said Passidomo. “Under his leadership during the pandemic, the Free State of Florida became a beacon of liberty and opportunity like never before, as families and businesses flocked from high-tax, lockdown states in search of a better way of life. Governor DeSantis is exactly the kind of leader we need for our country, and I look forward to supporting him for President.”

The endorsements coincide with reports of Team DeSantis relocating from the Republican Party of Florida headquarters this week, hinting at an imminent announcement of DeSantis’ presidential candidacy. The cost of the move is likely to surpass $5,000, triggering a Federal Elections Commission requirement that necessitates a ‘Statement of Candidacy’ filing within 15 days.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to lead the state with his bold vision, dedicated focus, and commonsense solutions to keep Florida free from a radical agenda that, unfortunately, has turned us into a country without border control, law enforcement without funding, an education system without accountability, and an economy without hope for working families trying to earn a living,” said Renner in a statement. “Gov. DeSantis has a proven record of delivering on the pro-family, pro-economic ideals that not only will keep Florida free but will be of critical importance in a 2024 presidential election.”

Rep. Jessica Baker, who Florida Politics reported in February is in the running to become the House Speaker in 2028, also announced her support of DeSantis’ White House ambitions on Monday.

“I am proud to endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis for President of the United States,” she said. “I have known the Governor for more than a decade going back to his first run for office and have watched as he has led boldly for the people of Florida, making our state a model for the rest of the nation. He never backs down in fighting for our shared conservative values. Most important to me is his devotion to his family as a husband and father. Gov. Ron DeSantis is the right person to lead our nation and party into the future and he has my full support.”

Rounding out the endorsements, DeSantis’ political operation informed The Capitolist that he earned endorsements from 51 New Hampshire state legislators, coming just days after DeSantis earned endorsements from 37 Iowa state legislators.


  1. Chris B.

    As a Christian and former Republican, if Kathleen Passidomo and Paul Renner endorse the devil, then they’ve shown me I cannot trust them either.

  2. Wokenluvinit

    The Fascist, racist liar being endorsed by other Fascist, racist liars. What a joke!

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