Liberals Love Jason Fischer?

by | Aug 26, 2016

**UPDATED 3:20pm with a response from Fischer supporters**

The term “loved to death” is used when one person smothers another with so much affection that it becomes detrimental. Now, Jacksonville residents are witnessing the phenomenon first hand. In a new ad that appears to have launched today, the Committee to Protect Florida is loving all over Jason Fischer for his “liberal” stances on things like Common Core, which the ad suggests has led to the adoption of pro-Muslim curriculum in the Jacksonville school system. The ad takes the novel approach of applauding Fischer for his allegedly progressive politics.

“The Committee felt it was important to make sure the voters know that Jason Fischer was a ‘no show’ when he missed the School Board vote on June 16,2015,” said a spokesman for Committee to Protect Florida. “This allowed the Obama Common Core curriculum called Engage NY, that teaches Islam to Duval County first and second graders. He failed our kids and community.”

Fischer is locked in a dead heat for an open House seat in Jacksonville against Dick Kravitz. The last thing he probably needs on the air right now is a TV ad patting him on the back for ushering in Islamic teachings and suggesting that, “if we want to move our state further left,” then voters should elect Fischer.

But this afternoon, Fischer’s team fired back.

“Not in the history of advertising has a more ridiculous and desperate claim been put on television,” said Brian Hughes, spokesman for pro-Fischer political committee Conservative Solutions for Jacksonville. “Jason Fischer is a 100% Pro-Life Christian, endorsed by the NRA, and second to no one when it comes to letting Florida parents be in charge of their children’s education.”  

Conservative Solutions for Jacksonville is behind a different attack ad blasting Kravitz, for, among other things, seeking office after being forced out by term limits, “pushing liberal special interests” and voting in support of “Charlie Crist’s budget that increased spending, taxes and fees.”

Here’s the anti-Fischer ad:

Here’s the full ad transcript:

Jason Fischer is a Liberal’s dream come true.

He’s proven himself to be Northeast Florida’s champion of common core.

Without Fischer our children’s curriculum wouldn’t include pro Islamic messages and instead would have been locally developed and based on traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Jason Fischer understands that our country would be better off if it was more accepting of Islamic principles.

If we want to move our state further left, don’t we need more liberal leaders like Jason Fischer in Tallahassee?

The ad is set to run through Tuesday’s primary.

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