Local governments must pass ordinances to add more traffic cameras under new law

by | Jun 3, 2024

Florida counties and municipalities must pass ordinances supported by traffic data by July 1, 2025, to install new traffic infraction detectors, such as red light cameras, following the signing of House Bill 1363 by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Florida counties and municipalities will be required to pass ordinances to install or place new traffic infraction detectors, such as red light cameras, after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed traffic enforcement legislation on Friday.

Under the measure, House Bill 1363, local governments must enact ordinances by July 1, 2025 and supported by traffic data or evidence showing that the proposed location for a traffic camera presents a heightened safety risk.

The bill also stipulates that local governments operating traffic infraction detectors must present an annual report on their effectiveness at a public meeting. The reports must include comprehensive statistics such as the number of violations issued, contested, upheld, dismissed, and converted into uniform traffic citations. Additionally, local governments will be required to detail the amount of money collected from these violations and how the funds were distributed.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is tasked with compiling and publishing the annual reports from counties and municipalities on its website.

Moreover, before entering into or renewing contracts for traffic infraction detectors, the contracts must be approved in a public meeting, allowing for public comment and cannot be approved as part of a consent agenda.

The bill also restricts contract procurement for traffic enforcement camera systems by prohibiting contracts awarded by entities outside Florida and bans contracts with vendors owned or controlled by foreign governments of concern to prevent potential security risks.


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