Marco Rubio takes aim at Joe Biden’s cabinet picks

by | Nov 24, 2020

Florida’s senior senator is openly pushing back against Democrat Joe Biden‘s cabinet choices.

With the current administration beginning the formal transition process for the incoming administration — despite President Donald Trump still contesting the results of the election — Biden has begun to plow ahead and shape his cabinet with lawsuits still pending in several states.

On Monday, the former vice president released his first nominees to head foreign policy and national security agencies under his administration. Those picks included Antony Blinken for secretary of state, Alejandro Mayorkas to be secretary of homeland security, Avril Haines for director of national intelligence, Jake Sullivan for national security adviser, Linda Thomas-Greenfield for US ambassador to the United Nations and former Secretary of State John Kerry to be the special presidential envoy for climate.

The nominees, which include an array of former officials and politicians with close ties to President Barack Obama‘s administration, come just weeks after Biden was projected the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The Obama-era picks, which signal a sharp contrast from those appointed by Trump, have garnered praise from those on the political left, with many pointing to the group’s diversity and years of political experience.

Others have also lauded Biden’s choice to serve as secretary of state. Biden, himself, has called Blinken a  “superstar,” while former secretary of state Colin Powell called the close confidant to Obama a “policy expert.”

“He is a superb choice. He is an accomplished and experienced foreign policy expert,” said Powell, who served as secretary of state under President George W. Bush. “I know him well. He is a balanced diplomat with a superb reputation and will represent the United States with skill and professionalism.”

Despite the praise, however, some believe Biden’s choices will erase the progress made under Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda.

On Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio didn’t mince words on social media regarding Biden’s cabinet choices, claiming that the proposed appointments will revert back to policies spearheaded by Obama.

“Biden’s cabinet picks went to Ivy League schools, have strong resumes, attend all the right conferences & will be polite and orderly caretakers of America’s decline,” Rubio tweeted. “I support American greatness. And I have no interest in returning to the ‘normal’ that left us dependent on China.”

Shortly after posting it, Rubio’s tweet had over 25,000 comments, with many taking issue with his remarks about Ivy League schools.


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