Matt Gaetz calls for backup, urges CD 3 to vote for Judson Sapp

by | Aug 17, 2020

With one day remaining until the Republican primary for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District is decided, Congressman Matt Gaetz made one final push to get voters in the district to pick Judson Sapp to represent the GOP in the general election.

The Florida rockstar and ardent Trump supporter sent out the message on Monday, calling on the voters of CD 3 to select Sapp to help “backup” Gaetz in Washington.

“I need backup, and that’s why I need you to vote for Judson Sapp in tomorrow’s Republican primary for Congress,” Gaetz says. “Judson Sapp is a pro-Trump businessman, and he’ll help our president “Keep America Great.”

Sapp, who was raised in Clay County, Florida, is the CEO of W.J. Sapp Railroad Contractor, which operates throughout the Southeastern United States. He is one of 10 Republicans looking to replace Congressman Ted Yoho who is retiring at the end of his current term.

Considered to be a front-runner in the race, Sapp has put together an impressive resume of prominent backers. The national endorsements compiled by Sapp include political aide Roger Stone, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, and former White House Secretary Sean Spicer, and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Oritz.

Sapp has also be endorsed by several Florida officials, including Congressman John Rutherford, Congressman Vern Buchanan, and former Congressman Cliff Stearns

CD 3 includes Alachua, Bradford, Marion, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties and is largely made up of Republican voters. Yoho won the red district in 2016 earning 57.6% of the vote.


  1. John

    Matt Gaetz doesn’t need a backup when he supports voter suppression in the midst of a pandemic and economic collapse. He and his ilk have abandoned their leadership. No one couldn’t stop COVID-19, but they could have lessened its effects. No, Matt doesn’t need a backup. Matt is not interested in his constituents or working on the hard issues that face our nation. He’s interested only in himself and wrecking our institutions.

  2. Robert

    What the he’ll are you talking about?

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