Medical Marijuana Not Curing Hillary Clinton’s Millenial Problem

by | Nov 2, 2016

In a bid to prop up Hillary Clinton’s embarrassingly low support among millenials, the Florida Democratic Party has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into GOTV efforts cloaked under the banner of Amendment 2, which legalizes medical marijuana. But even with that help, Clinton is on pace for a repeat of Al Gore’s dismal 2000 performance, a record low for a Democrat presidential nominee, in which Gore only managed to lock down 48% of millenial support, and of course, lost Florida by 571 votes.

The fact that Clinton has finally edged Al Gore by a single percentage point was enough for mainstream media outlets to jubilantly declare her millenial problems behind her.  Don’t believe the hype. Even uber-liberal Mother Jones struggled to cast the dismal news in a positive light:

Now, at this point her underperformance is fairly modest compared to anyone other than Barack Obama. And she still has a couple of weeks to make up ground. It’s fair to say that she’s a little behind the usual pace for Democrats, but it’s not fair to regurgitate the narrative from two or three months ago when she was struggling pretty hard with millennial disaffection. It may not make for a great story, but sometimes the truth is a little bit boring.

Then there are the cheerleaders: tried-and-true liberal outfits, like MTV’s “Rock the Vote,” who are just plain lying in the hopes of making Hillary Clinton look appealing. USA Today tries to help “Rock the Vote” by neglecting to mention that her “massive” lead over Trump is still near a historic low among Democrats. To put the pro-Clinton spin into perspective, “Rock the Vote” previously touted her pulling an impossible, Obama-esque 68% of the youth vote. Their inflated numbers can be explained by their mission statement: “…to engage and build the political power of young people.” Obviously they can’t admit their chosen candidate is a flop. Even so, they were forced to tone it down a bit, admitting that over the past two weeks, Clinton’s support has slipped a full six points.

Where is all the support that medical marijuana was supposed to deliver?

Florida campaign finance rules don’t require United for Care to disclose why they got the money, but this Friday, the Florida Democratic Party’s fundraising report is due, and there, at least a generic description must be provided, and it will likely reference voter registration or some other turn of phrase. But no matter how they classify the expenditure, it appears the payoff for Clinton may have gone up in smoke.

SIDE NOTE: Sorry for the lame tongue-in-cheek references to smoking weed. But I’m just trying to prepare you for next week when every single newspaper editor in Florida is going to do the same thing in their awful headlines about Amendment 2.

Photo credit: Mary Millus / Green Rush Daily




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