Mike Redondo clinches victory in HD 118 special election

by | Dec 6, 2023

  • Republican Mike Redondo won the House District 118 special election on Tuesday night, garnering 51.71 percent of the vote and defeating Democrat Johnny Farias and independent Francisco De La Paz. 
  • The special election was called following the June appointment of former representative Juan Fernandez-Barquin to the Miami-Dade County Clerk position by Gov. Ron DeSantis. 
  • Redondo’s victory continues Republican dominance in this predominantly Hispanic district.
  • Despite their loss, Democratic officials view the narrower margin compared to previous elections as a positive sign, considering the district’s strong Republican lean.
  • Voter turnout was notably low at 7.74 percent, with fewer than 10,000 votes cast.

Republican Mike Redondo emerged victorious in Tuesday night’s House District 118 (HD 118) special election in Miami-Dade County, securing 51.71 percent of the vote and defeating Democrat Johnny Farias (45.71 percent) and independent Francisco De La Paz (2.58 percent).

Redondo, a lawyer by trade, largely campaigned on working to rectify the ongoing property insurance crisis and will represent the district through Nov. 2024. He fundraised just under $200,000 during the election cycle and received prominent GOP endorsements, including that of future House Speaker — assuming the party maintains control of the chamber — Rep. Daniel Perez.

The special election was necessitated by the June appointment of the previous officeholder, Republican Juan Fernandez-Barquin, as Miami-Dade County Clerk by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Redondo’s victory maintains the Republican hold over the predominantly Hispanic district. Redondo has yet to make a formal statement following his win.

Despite the loss, state Democratic leadership officials are framing the result as a positive trend for the party given HD 118’s strong Republican lean. In prior election cycles, HD 118 voters broke +17 for former President Donald Trump and +37 for DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign.

“We smell blood in the water,” said Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried. “In 2022, we lost this seat by more than 30 points. This is an R +17 seat.”

Voter turnout, however, throws cold water on the conceding celebrations, reported at just 7.74 percent. Miami-Dade County records show fewer than 10,000 votes cast on Tuesday night.


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