Monday Mailbag: Just a Reminder Edition

by | Apr 16, 2018

Real* emails from real readers:

Just a quick note to let Adam Putnam and all his Tallahassee insider friends know that I’ve collected $210,000 so far this month.” –Ron DeSantis

Just a reminder that if you want to compete at this level, you need beat me in fundraising by a million dollars per month.” –Adam Putnam

“Just a reminder that I’m still here.” –Richard Corcoran

Speaking of trial lawyers, just a quick reminder that I won a straw poll this weekend and I’ve also raked in a lot of cash.” –Ashley Moody

“Ahem. Trial lawyer cash.” Jay Fant

Just a reminder that I too once pursued a strategy of straw polls, trial lawyer cash and meaningless endorsements, and look where it got me.” –Jeff Kottkamp

“Just a reminder that I expected Hillary Clinton to win the election, so all my investigations should be considered in that light.” James Comey

Just a reminder that I was Bill Clinton’s communications director, so all my interviews should be considered in that light.” –George Stephanopoulos

“Just a reminder that my Navy cap beat out every other political player in the state of Florida this week. So I guess that’s nice.” –Rick Scott

“Just a reminder that Adam Smith’s Winner and Loser of the Week column sucks out loud.” –Peter Schorsch

Please don’t remind anyone about my embarrassing conference call last week where I got busted using fake data to attack E-Verify.” –Mike Fernandez

Can you believe that the NRA is going after Governor Scott over his evolving position on guns?” –Florida Democrats

We hate to break it to you, but that’s the wrong Governor Scott.” Florida Republicans

Wanna trade?” –Vermont Republicans


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