Monday Mailbag: Adam Smith Totally Blew It (Again) Edition

by | Dec 17, 2018

Real* emails from real readers…

“I’ve seen a lot of bad Winner and Loser of the Week columns, but this week is absolutely the worst.” –Peter Schorsch

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“My beef is that he picked me as a winner but only to label me as a ‘self dealing phony.’ Sorry if I annoyed you, Adam, for advocating for the things I believe in.” –Joe Negron

“And why waste a Loser of the Week award on me, when I’m actually politically dead?” –Scott Maddox

“Our beef is that Adam Smith ripped our investigation when he doesn’t have the first clue about what it is we know or the cards we’ve yet to play.” –Tallahassee FBI Agents

“My beef is that Adam Smith blamed the FBI for Andrew Gillum’s loss, instead of Andrew Gillum himself for taking bribes from undercover FBI agents.” –Governor-elect Ron DeSantis

“My beef is that Adam Smith can’t even make up his mind as to whether the FBI ‘fairly or unfairly’ tainted Andrew Gillum. Which is it? If it was fair, then what is Adam Smith complaining about?” –Everyone who read this week’s column

“I personally felt this week’s column was perfect because it didn’t mention anything about billboards along I-10.” –Stephanie Kopelousos

“Adam Smith should probably just follow me on Twitter.” –Matt Dixon

“Technically speaking, we owe Stephanie Kopelousos a debt of gratitude. Because in breaking the law to hook up a friend in the billboard business and cutting down all those trees along I-10, it probably saved a lot of work after Hurricane Michael. Thank you, Stephanie, for your willingness to break the law.” –Matt Gaetz

“I’m just glad I didn’t officially start as Ron DeSantis’s communications director until after the Stephanie Kopelousos train wreck broke in the news.” –Helen Aguirre Ferré

“I don’t know what I was so worried about. I was just sure Adam Smith was going to name me loser of the week. But with Scott Maddox and Stephanie Kopelousos in the mix, I never had a chance.” –Leon County GOP Chairman Evan Power

“With all the endorsements I’m wracking up to become RPOF Chairman, I can’t imagine why Adam Smith didn’t name me winner of the week.” –Joe Gruters

“Please remind Joe Gruters not to get too cocky. Endorsements at RPOF don’t mean much.” –Leslie Dougher

“Some endorsements matter more than others.” –Adam Putnam

*All real emails are highlighted in bright yellow so that new communications directors like Helen Aguirre Ferré can tell the difference between real emails highlighting actual scandals and fake emails poking fun at political nonsense, all written for the entertainment of Florida’s political insider crowd.


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