Monday Mailbag: Big Disappointment Edition

by | Sep 17, 2018

Real* emails from real readers…  yes, many of the gems in Monday Mailbag are sent in or suggested from actual readers…so if you have a creative idea to mock your fellow political operatives, rival candidates, or high-profile elected officials, by all means, send them in.  As always your fingerprints will be carefully deleted or removed and your anonymity protected.

“I can’t believe we just lost to Syracuse, a team FSU hasn’t lost to since 1966.” –Willie Taggart

Fifty two years ago? Seems like only yesterday to me. I first ran for public office back in Year MCMLXXII. ” –Career Politician Bill Nelson

As defending national champions from last year, I wish our school’s biggest problem was our football team losing to Syracuse.” UCF President Dale Whittaker

Yep, you got some explaining to do.” –Jose Oliva

“I’m just disappointed I wasn’t served the UCF story on a silver platter, the way Corcoran used to do for me.” –Arek Sarkissian

“I’m just disappointed that you missed one of the boxes on your Andrew Gillum meme from last week.” –Dad

“Fixed it.” –Brian Burgess

Speaking of disappointment, when we outsourced our social media content to a Slovenian fake news farm, we didn’t expect to get caught.” – Enviro Front Group for the already credibility-challenged Everglades Foundation

To be fair, that fake news story was only shared 1,000 times on Facebook, and it was constructed using snippets from real stories, so we rule it ‘Mostly True.'” –Politifact

“Just a reminder that my client completely contradicted Andrew Gillum’s explanation about who paid for his trip to Costa Rica, which is kind of a big deal.” –Chris Kise


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