Monday Mailbag: Cyber Monday Edition

by | Nov 26, 2018

Real* emails from real readers…

All I want for Christmas is a state airplane.” –Governor-elect Ron DeSantis

“I never want anything for Christmas because if I want it, I just buy it. And that includes airplanes and elections.” –Rick Scott

Airplanes? Sure. But elections?  Is there a special catalogue I can order from?” –Jeff Greene

“All I want for Christmas is to make a few bucks on I bet on myself at 7 cents, and I’m gonna hold a bit longer before selling for a fat profit.” –Pam Bondi

All I want for Christmas is something to do for the next four years.” –Lt. Governor Elect Jeanette Nunez

“Me too.” –Andrew Gillum

All I want for Christmas is a rematch against Rick Scott with a properly designed ballot in Broward County. #@&% idiots.” –Bill Nelson

All I want for Christmas is accurate polling data.” –Steve Schale

“All I want for Christmas is for Adam Smith to write a Winner and Loser of the Week column that doesn’t suck.” –Peter Schorsch

All I want for Christmas is for all my outstanding public records requests to be honored by the Scott Administration before he leaves office.” –Gary Fineout

Just a reminder that only mentioning ‘Christmas’ isn’t very inclusive. You should also include other religious holidays in your Monday Mailbag jokes.” –Florida Democrats

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I, for one, don’t take offense just because someone wishes me the wrong holiday greeting. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and whatever Kwanzaa to all.” –Randy Fine

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I’m just proud you spelled Hanukkah correctly. Also, it starts December 12th.” –Jackie Schutz

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